Hi! Dr. Mike here, CEO at Tangelo. Today we announce that Kinetic Sports Rehab is now Tangelo Manual Therapy and Movement. We’ve got a new name and a new brand. We’re launching two new clinics. There’s so much that we’re excited about.

With all this newness and change, I also want to talk about what will stay the same. We’re still the same people, still the same team, still providing the same treatment to our community. Here’s the what and the why behind our new name.

people perform functional rehab movements at Tangelo Manual Therapy clinic
The rehab floor is humming at Tangelo, formerly Kinetic

Why the new name?

Simply put, we had to change our name in order to grow. The Kinetic name has served us well, but we could never ‘own’ the word Kinetic. There are many, many other businesses already named “Kinetic”, and we needed a new name to differentiate ourselves, and to enable us to grow.

Ok, but what is Tangelo?

Glad you asked. Tangelos are a delicious citrus fruit hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit. We like the metaphor between a Tangelo as a hybrid, and our unique hybrid treatment method that combines manual therapy and movement.

A sports chiropractor performs manual therapy on a client in a Seattle, Washington, clinic.
Dr Lisa Viapiano with a client in Tangelo’s Green Lake neighborhood clinic, Seattle, WA.

What is Manual Therapy and Movement? So, no more Sports Therapy?

Manual therapy and movement is what we’ve always done. It’s the combination of hands-on therapy with rehab movements. Over the years we’ve realized that ‘sports therapy’ was off-putting to folks who don’t feel like athletes, but could still benefit from our care.

Manual therapy and movement works–whether you’re a pro athlete, a dedicated entrepreneur, or a hard working parent with an achy back. (Don’t worry, we’re still here for all you hard-core triathletes, professional bull riders, and Olympic lifters.)

Tangelo's clinic in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood
Tangelo’s clinic in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood

What is staying the same

We’re the same people, in the same clinics, providing the same awesome treatment. The superpowers that helped carry us to this point remain: our deep expertise, fusion of methods, and an uplifting and inspiring format. We’re still us, were’still here for you. That will never change.

people perform functional rehab movements at Tangelo Manual Therapy clinic
The rehab floor at Tangelo, formerly Kinetic

Please, come see for yourself

Did I mention we’ve also got this new, totally awesome website? We’re excited about it. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We’re still cranking out awesome videos on our YouTube channel too, so be sure to subscribe and check out our latest video.

We couldn’t be more excited about the next chapter. Thank you for your support over the years, and for being part of what drives us forward.

-Dr. Mike Bourbonnais