Greetings, Tangelo fam! I’m Caitlin Andrews, Tangelo’s Business Operations Manager. The glorious floor-to-ceiling doors are wide open and our clinic is up and running in Portland’s Slabtown neighborhood. I want to introduce the awesome individuals who make up our team in Portland. Meet our Portland chiropractor and manual therapy team, and the people who keep our clinics running smoothly.  

But first, check out the new clinic

Like any doting new parent, we’ve got to show off our new baby. Our Portland sports chiropractic clinic is home to three treatment bays and a spacious rehab floor. But our favorite feature? It’s got to be those big ol’ sliding glass doors that open up to the sidewalk. I love that new smell, don’t you? 

portland chiropractic clinic opens its doors
The doors are open in Portland

Portland’s new team of Doctors of Chiropractic

We have assembled a dream team to serve our Portland community. 

Monica Criteser, Client Experience Coordinator

Monica comes to us with a sales background from Procter & Gamble and her master’s degree in marketing and advertising from Boston University. She’s been an active community volunteer and is an experienced mom with mega multi-tasking skills.

She is born and raised in the PNW and loves to hike in the greater Portland area, especially The Gorge. Monica recently hiked the Grand Canyon (rim-to-rim-to-rim) and loves to read, cook, and practice yoga. The huge food scene is one the reasons she loves Portland so much. She enjoys meeting our new clients and putting them at ease.

Austin Scholer, Client Experience Coordinator

Austin is one of the very rare breeds of Portlanders who was actually born and raised in the city of Portland. In our clinic he keeps things running smoothly and making sure each client’s experience is top-notch. 

On his off days he enjoys playing a bit of soccer/futsal, hiking, fly-fishing, snowboarding, and tennis. Really, he’s in to doing anything just about active as part of a dedicated effort of avoiding cabin fever.

Dr. Rachel Wysocki, Doctor of Chiropractic

Portland chiropractor Dr. Rachel’s passion for manual therapy and movement began as a chronically-injured Division 1 collegiate runner. She was frustrated that traditional medicine wasn’t delivering lasting results. A Chiropractor helped her understand the importance of function and movement of the whole body as a key to recovery, and Rachel returned to running when other doctors recommended quitting. Rachel’s mission is to bring that same relief to other people, and get them back to doing the things they love.

Outside of the clinic Dr. Rachel can be found enjoying a trail run with friends, working out at bher local kettlebell club, snowboarding Mount Hood, and enjoying a slice of brick oven pizza.

Dr. Rodney Sanchez, Doctor of Chiropractic

Rodney is a Puerto Rican native and adopted son of the Pacific Northwest. His fascination with the human body sprung from involvement in extreme sports and obstacle course races, where he grew to appreciate the body’s ability to recover and heal. Dr. Rodney believes that the body’s ability to heal itself centers around movement. This principle is core to his life and the care he provides his clients. Portland chiropractor Rodney’s varied interests and experiences give him a sense of empathy for his clients, reflected in a treatment style that is customized for each individual’s needs.

Dr. Rodney’s active lifestyle includes the worlds of dancing, climbing, surfing, snowboarding and kitesurfing.

Dr. Jordan Emmil, Doctor of Chiropractic

Native of the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Jordan utilizes various soft-tissue treatment techniques, spinal manipulation, kinesio-taping in addition to therapeutic and corrective exercises to help keep her patients active and doing the things they love. During her time in the greater Portland area she has had the opportunity to work with many athletes of all levels. She is passionate about serving the community and helping patients reach and maintain their health goals.

When she’s not working in our clinic as a Portland chiropractor, Dr. Jordan enjoys Crossfit, playing in city softball leagues, a good round of golf, hiking, and happy hours.

doors are open at a new Portland sports rehab clinic
Day One in our new Slabtown clinic

Now that we’ve met, introduce us!

We’re hard at work building our community, and we love referrals from our community. If you’ve got friends or family in the PDX we’d love it if you’d let them know that we’re their new neighbors, and we’d love to meet them. Please don’t hesitate to tell them about our new Portland clinic.

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon.