Hi, Christine McHugh here, Tangelo’s Chief Strategy Officer. I’m know to begin meetings by asking, “What’s the most important thing we need to talk about today?” If I were to ask myself that same questions today, the answer would have to be the opening of our new West Seattle clinic. We’re excited to be open in Seattle’s original neighborhood. I want to introduce you to your new West Seattle chiropractor and our movement therapy team.

West Seattle’s new chiropractic and sports rehab clinic

Beautiful, isn’t it? Our West Seattle location is located at the intersection of Fauntleroy and Edmunds, on the peninsula’s main thoroughfare. Those looking for a West Seattle chiropractor will find three treatment bays and a spacious rehab floor. We’re looking forward to providing West Seattle with sports chiropractic care and rehab therapy. 

Your West Seattle Chiropractor team 

We’re growing in to our space in West Seattle, and are excited to introduce the crew that’s leading the charge westward. We’ll keep you updated as we expand our West Seattle team in the coming weeks.  


Dr. Mike Smith, Doctor of Chiropractic, Director Practice Operations

Some of you may know this guy from our Green Lake clinic. Well, Dr. Smith is in West Seattle these days. Smith (as he’s known around here) oversees in-clinic care for Tangelo, leading our teams of doctors while also serving clients in our West Seattle location. Smith focuses on delivering positive outcomes for our clients while maintaining operational excellence in-clinic.

Originally from Crown Point, a Chicago suburb, Smith is an active community member and partakes enthusiastically in Seattle’s outdoor, culinary, and microbrew scenes.


Geneva Bender, Rehab Manager, Internship Coordinator. 

Geneva leads our rehab team as a Physical Rehab Specialist and Trainer. She believes each injury should be treated with a holistic view by training and correcting functional movements.

Geneva’s passion for exercise science and therapy began during her years as a dancer, where she experienced a back injury that prevented her from performing to her full extent. Paying visits to a variety of doctors sparked her interest in exercise science and therapy. 

Her passion for helping people heal and recover is infectious, and Geneva is excited to have a Tangelo clinic in West Seattle (her own neighborhood!)

Emmie Riley, Rehab Specialist

Emmie grew up in West Seattle close to the water and mountains where she found her passion for the outdoors and athletics. Facing overuse injuries from many years of volleyball led her to a path of rehabilitation and preventative care. With a love for the human body and helping people, she went on to attend Western Washington University where she received her degree in Kinesiology.

While studying, Emmie interned at Tangelo, and returned as a Rehab Specialist after graduating. She approaches exercise rehab with a holistic view, with the goal of getting people out of pain, preparing everyone for functional living, as well as reaching their athletic goals. She finds joy from helping people change their story. 

Outside of the clinic, Emmie can be found out in the park or in the gym playing volleyball. She enjoys backpacking, coffee, and great food with friends and family.

Excited to join the West Seattle community

One of our brand values is that at Tangelo, we are community. By building relationships in our communities we hope to help support more people to heal, recover, and move toward their best lives.  We hope to see you in our new West Seattle clinic, or out in the community doing whatever it is that you love. 

Thanks, and we hope to see you soon.