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What happens when your fitness regimen is derailed by nagging pains and common injuries like ankle sprains, groin pulls, hamstring strains, shin splints or golf and tennis elbow? Or worse, when more serious injuries like ACL tears and other knee injuries threaten to keep you on the sidelines for longer than you’re willing to wait? That’s where Tangelo’s experts in sports medicine and sports therapy step in and offer the best in sports rehab and sports exercise medicine in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR

When to see a Sports Medicine Doctor

Athletes will always say, “there’s good sore and there’s bad sore.” For many fitness buffs out there, the “good sore” that comes within 24-hours of a great workout is the reason to train hard. It’s a sign of progress, proof that another layer of fitness has been added to the previous body of fitness achievements.

With that said, the body can break down, especially with age and even the greatest athletes succumb to injury. Sports rehab is an important aspect of maintaining an active lifestyle for everyone from the weekend warrior to the full-time athlete. So, when should you come in to see us for your sports rehab needs? If you are unable to stretch or ice away the pain, come see us. If you’re still unsure, call us! We are experts in diagnosing, treating and preventing nearly all musculoskeletal injuries, making Tangelo Seattle’s go-to place to recover after an injury.

Who Should Receive Sports Medicine?

While sports medicine is a relatively new field, Seattle’s Tangelo has been working to evolve exercise medicine from being built around elite-level athletes to being beneficial for the everyday fitness lover. Tangelo works to create three-levels of sports rehab and sports medicine for our patients:

  1. Reversing Suboptimal Health - Fixing the problems of injury related to exercise using specific and calculated movements and exercise techniques.

  2. Maintaining Optimal Health - Using exercise to maximize wellness and create better athletes.

  3. Super-Optimal Health - the use of Sports and Exercise Medicine to further enhance the performance of high-functioning athletic ability. Thus, even if you’re not injured, but are looking for a consultation on how to optimize your body, or prevent any future injuries, we’re happy to offer an assessment and professional insight.

Sports Rehab: Common Conditions We Treat

What is Sports Medicine and Sports Rehab

Sports rehabilitators and sports chiropractors help anyone suffering from pain or injury incurred while taking part in sports and physical activities. Anyone of any age can benefit in their health and recover from injury using movement and movement-based therapy. Sports medicine is designed to help people recover from and prevent further injuries. As sports chiropractors, we are also very helpful in preventing and reducing musculoskeletal pain using movement and exercise.

How Can Tangelo’s Team Of Sports Chiropractors Help Me?

At Tangelo, we don’t just focus on the immediate problem. Typically, ailments and injuries are indicators that something else is out of alignment elsewhere in the body. Our sports rehab specialists take you through an extensive assessment to look at your body’s mechanics in order to assure that the pain will be relieved, and stay away for the long haul. Our sports medicine works around you, how you move and what can be improved. The end result is pain-free living along with a custom plan to keep you moving in a pain-free manner.

There are plenty of Chiropractors in the Seattle area, but there are few that combine sports medicine and sports rehab with soft tissue treatment techniques along with functional rehabilitation. Book an appointment now at our Fremont, West Seattle, or Green Lake clinic.

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I see Dr. Lisa, Tyler, and Kyle at Tangelo. They are truly amazing. I'd been experiencing low back pain for the last 8 years and it got so bad that I couldn't walk- and I'm in my early 20’s.

Within 6 months, they fixed me. My back pain is gone and if it comes back they taught me how to drive it away. Can't thank them enough–they gave me my life back.


After shoulder surgery, my doctor recommended Tangelo Manual Therapy and Movement for my rehab and I'm so glad he did.

As a strong and active person, being laid up after surgery was incredibly stressful and frustrating for me, and Dr. Paul Molina and Geneva got me back to doing what I love and kept me smiling and committed to the work of getting better the whole time.



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The Tangelo method is entirely unique. We draw from a fusion of leading methods to create custom manual therapy + movement service plans tailored to you and your goals.

Our method includes components from multiple leading pain relief and functional rehabilitation modalities.