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A New Approach To Chiropractic Care

You have the power to achieve freedom from pain, break through limitations, and achieve sustained results. Tangelo’s expert Chiropractors exist to get you unstuck and moving forward. Our Chiropractors deliver treatments for injuries related to lower-back pain, neck pain, foot pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. Our practice has been used to cure sciatica, arthritis, whiplash, herniated disk, and headaches.

Serving Seattle Since 2010

Tangelo has three Chiropractic clinics near downtown Seattle, WA, to serve you better. Visit one of our locations in West Seattle, Fremont, or Green Lake.

Common Conditions We Treat

What Are Chiropractic Adjustments, And Are They Safe?

Chiropractic adjustments, also known as manipulations, are a safe and effective way to restore proper positioning and function of a joint. By strategically placing pressure on or around a joint, a Chiropractor can restore motion in a joint that is failing to move freely. Chiropractic manipulations of spinal vertebrae are most commonly known, however, any joint can be manipulated.

Do Chiropractors Only Treat The Spine?

Chiropractors are most known for treating the spine and associated back pain; however, they specialize at treating injuries, pain, and mobility issues throughout the entire body. Whether you are experiencing an acute injury or chronic pain in any area of the body, a Chiropractor can help by reducing inflammation, improving mobility, and restoring normal function. Skeletal alignment issues may arise from tightness, weakness, or imbalances in the muscle and connective tissues that support the joints throughout the body. Therefore, it’s important that a well-trained Chiropractor will treat the musculoskeletal system holistically, addressing both the skeletal system and the soft tissues that support it.

How Can Tangelo’s Team Of Chiropractors Help Me?

At Tangelo, we don’t just focus on the obvious symptom. We also look for passive and active movement breakdowns and weakness in your mid-back, arms, and core to see what contributed to the condition. Our Chiropractic doctors take you through an extensive assessment to look at your body mechanics and to make sure that once you get out of pain, you stay out of pain. From your assessment, we’ll create a customized plan for you that involves a blend of advanced, manual therapy and progressive, functional rehabilitation.

There are plenty of Chiropractors in the Seattle area, but there are few that combine Chiropractic care with soft tissue treatment techniques and functional rehabilitation. Whether your injury is sports, work, or auto accident related, the Chiropractors at Tangelo Health will analyze your symptoms and create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

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I hurt my shoulder in the beginning of last year and found out I had calcific tendonitis. I had a lot of pain and restricted movement and couldn't do most CrossFit workouts.

Dr. Greg did a great job diagnosing and explaining the problem. He worked out where exactly my movement was restricted and what we needed to work on. Jason and Sarah were great at providing exercises that both rehabbed my shoulder and corrected my movement. 

Now I'm pain free and have much better mobility. I've been able to do all the exercises that would be painful before. I'm so glad I found this place!


I started going to see Tangelo after a head injury that affected my neck and gave me post-concussion syndrome. I'm so happy I came here. The combination of adjustments, physical therapy and some massages have helped me get back to normal, if not stronger. 

The entire team here is phenomenal. My doctor quickly got to the root of my problems and the physical therapy team has coached me on strengthening my neck and back. They have given me the tools to keep my muscles and joints healthy with my physically demanding job.

The cherry on top of the cake is the warm and welcoming atmosphere. I always know I'll be taken care of when I'm at Kinetic in Fremont.



Functional Rehabilitation

Sports Chiropractic

Functional Range Conditioning


Dry Cupping Therapy


Graston Technique

Massage Therapy

The Tangelo method is entirely unique. We draw from a fusion of leading methods to create custom manual therapy + movement service plans tailored to you and your goals.

Our method includes components from multiple leading pain relief and functional rehabilitation modalities.