Sarah Schireman

Client Experience Coordinator | Seattle - Fremont | Sarah Schireman

Client Experience Coordinator | Seattle - Fremont

Born and raised in Everett, Washington, Sarah is a Pacific Northwest native. Physical fitness and athletic competition have always played a major role in her life.

She sustained an injury playing select soccer in high school and had her first experience with sports medicine and rehabilitation. She was so inspired by the team that helped her recover from her injury, that she began working at the physical therapy clinic as an exercise specialist. She continued on to college to compete at the University of Washington in the Heptathlon on the school's Track and Field team. Throughout her collegiate career, she continued to work with the school’s sports medicine team for preventative and rehabilitative care.

Upon graduation from the University of Washington, Sarah returned to Everett. She began working full time at the physical therapy clinic where she utilized her skills and education to work as a patient care coordinator. Sarah is incredibly excited to be back in Seattle and working for Tangelo! She couldn’t ask for a better team!

In her spare time Sarah enjoys spending time with her cat, exploring Washington, traveling to new places, and hula-hoop performing for events in the greater Seattle area.


Sarah is a client experience coordinator at our Fremont location.

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