Kinesiology isn’t your grandfathers athletic tape.

KT Tape allows movement & helps you heal.

Kinesiology Taping | Seattle - Fremont

kinesiology tape relieves pain by increasing blood flow in the affected area.

KT Tape is very different from athletic tape.

It has a built-in elasticity that, when applied correctly, helps to pull the skin away from the underlying soft tissue. The tape relieves pain by alleviating pressure and irritation on nerve fibers and pain receptors. This increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the area.

Elastic therapeutic tape goes by many names. It’s called Kinesiology Tape, Kinesio tape, K-tape, or KT Tape. The elastic tape is used with the intent of treating pain and disability resulting from athletic injuries and other physical disorders.

Kinesiology Tape promotes healing through improving muscle and circulatory physiology.

KT tape can also act as a subtle triggering mechanism, reminding the body to maintain form, while performing therapeutic movements, thereby assisting in recovery.

Kinesio tape is used in service of acute injuries, injury rehabilitation, and as a stabilization technique during athletic competitions, sports, and everyday life. When combined with other elements of Tangelo’s healing methods, elastic taping is a potent, non-invasive method to treat acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.

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