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Cupping: an ancient method with a modern twist.

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Cupping therapy | Seattle - Green lake

Cupping Therapy is effective in relieving soreness, tightness, and pain.


Dry Cupping Therapy, or simply “cupping,” has recently grown in popularity, but it’s actually an ancient practice. Cupping involves using small glass cups to create areas of low air pressure next to the skin.

This low pressure creates a mild suction effect and is used to increase blood flow and stimulate the body’s localized inflammatory response to facilitate healing. It is also a type of deep tissue massage.

Cupping Therapy is a component within Tangelo’s method of manual therapy. Dry Cupping Therapy is used to treat pain and alleviate adhesions and restrictions in muscle tissue. It is effective in relieving soreness, tightness, and pain.


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The Tangelo method is entirely unique. We draw from a fusion of leading methods to create custom manual therapy + movement treatment plans tailored to you and your goals.

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