Julie Nguyen

I left my family to move to the U.S. when I was at the age of 15 from Vietnam- a beautiful country where I was born and raised. Being independent at a young age taught me to be more responsible and not afraid of facing challenges. Growing up being very artistic, I spent over a year in fashion school thinking that becoming a Fashion Designer was my only passion but there was something inside of me not feeling truly happy with that decision because I’ve always enjoyed helping others and wanted to work in a healthcare field. Prior to joining Tangelo, I’ve been working as a Medical Assistant and Billing Specialist for Kaiser Permanente and many different Chiropractic/Medical offices. I found myself enjoying working in this field and hopefully in the near future, I will have an opportunity to become a medical professional.
Even though fashion school did not work out for me, I did not give up my love for art so I opened a small business where I design and sell handmade jewelry. I thought this turned out perfectly since I can still be working in a healthcare field while pursuing art.