Lexy Riley

Client Experience Coordinator at our Portland - SLABTOWN

Lexy was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and yes, she is definitely a PACKERS fan! She was raised by her grandparents in Rockland, Wisconsin, where she learned how to hunt, fish, bail hay, and be an all-around country gal. In high school she played volleyball year-round, and also ran track and field in the spring.

She moved to Portland in 2016 and has completely fallen in love with everything Oregon has to offer. She spends her free time hiking in the Gorge, Bend, the Coast, and everywhere in between! Nature is truly her happy place! Lexy’s other hobbies include camping, working out, traveling, creating art, and tending to her plant-babies!

Lexy Riley, Client Experience Coordinator at our Portland - Slabtown location


2175 NW Raleigh Street, Suite 102, Portland, OR 97210

(503) 227-0503


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