Jason D

June 17, 2019

I am a very active person and I had increased my training load for an upcoming marathon.  Unfortunately, I began having Achilles tendon pain and ankle pain with the increased load.  By complete chance I met Dr. Joe Farris and he was able to identify the problem right away.  I went to [Tangelo] in Green Lake and Dr. Joe worked on the pain points while I also received PT with Tyler.  As a team they worked very well and I really began to improve.  Things started easy, but they adjusted the difficulty such that by the end of 12 sessions I was struggling and the PT became intense!  I truly felt like I was building muscles that were underdeveloped.  I also have a new workout routine to keep developing these muscles to prevent recurrences.

My pains began to dissipate and I was surprised that never once did anyone tell me that I should stop training or scale back.  I’ve had doctors tell me this before, but I feel that they simply don’t understand the mindset of someone who is seriously training for a goal.  It’s nearly impossible to stop training!  If my body is not completely broken… then I’m running.  Fortunately Dr. Joe and Tyler were willing to do their best to ensure that I didn’t miss a step!

At the end of the treatment course I was ready to run the marathon and I set a new PR!  Overall I’m very happy with the treatment I received and I would recommend the team without any reservations.  I feel like they did a great job