Kami K. // West Seattle, WA

June 15, 2019

100%! Make an appointment now for your consultation! I am a 30-something-year-old female who has suffered from chronic shoulder/neck/trap pain for over 2 years. The pain was debilitating not allowing me to work out to the degree I was used to, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t work, lost muscle strength and I think I was about to lose my sanity 🙂 I almost thought I was making the pain up, in my head, because x-rays and MRIs were normal. My regular [doctor] sent me to a pain management clinic where they diagnosed me with “Trigger Point pain.” Basically, my muscles were knotted up from overuse and causing some nerve pain. The pain management clinic worked on covering up my pain, prescribing me pain meds, muscle relaxers, and giving me Trigger Point Injections every other month. I also tried Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Physical Therapy, Personal Training at my gym, Chiropractors, topical creams, and more. Still no consistent relief and no idea how to fix it besides visiting the Dr for shots, consistently.

I met Tangelo’s team at my gym when they came in for a foam rolling workshop. They were so informative that I decided to ask them about my shoulder and to be honest, didn’t expect much when I went to visit them for my consult. When I first visited their location, it was way different than I expected. There was upbeat music, energy, and excitement! I met with Dr. Mike Smith, performed some movement exercises, felt the area and then educated me on what he saw actually happening with my shoulder/neck when I moved. He took the time to show me pictures and explain exactly what was causing my pain, in the trap/neck, and how we could improve it. He didn’t say it would be easy or fast, or promise he could cure it, but rather give me the tools to fix movements that were causing the stress. I have now been going to see the Tangelo team for a month and I have more good days than bad. I can sleep on my side again which I haven’t done in 2 years and I’m feeling more confident at the gym, applying what I have learned. I know exercises/movements to perform when I feel the pain and how best to gain strength in the muscle groups needed. I am more in control and that is the BEST feeling ever! Not only will you learn how to improve your movements but the Dr will spend time with you doing assisted movements, massage, chiropractic work, stretching, taping and more during your appt. Best of both worlds!

The Tangelo team truly cares about you! They will remember your name when you walk in or see them in the neighborhood, they are always energetic, excited and positive…and SO educated in their services! They remember to ask me how my dog is when I arrive, how the concert was I saw over the weekend…really showing that they pay attention to me, personally and professionally.

I would highly recommend their team for therapy and pain relief!