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The team at our Green Lake Tangelo location is invested in the health and wellness of our locals. We enjoy an active lifestyle just as our patients do and know what it takes to get your body running at its peak. Whether your goal is to walk the 2.8 miles around Green Lake or beat last year’s marathon time, we’ll help get you there.

Using a variety of safe and natural chiropractic and rehabilitation solutions, we’ll get your body restored, revitalized, and highly functioning so you can live the life you want. From back pain care to post-surgery rehab, we cover all the bases, and our energetic office will inspire you to work hard and meet all your health goals.

We take almost every insurance, so you can rely on affordable, effective, and efficient care from our Green Lake chiropractic and rehab team. Find our insurance information at the bottom of this page or call us to learn more.

We value the assets and insights of our entire team, which is why our patients get the benefits of sports chiropractic care and rehabilitation specialists in every visit. Using manual treatments and rehab therapy, each visit is used to the fullest extent and optimized for the best and quickest results.

We intend to find the source of your pain or discomfort on day one, then use our non-invasive treatments to remedy the problem at its core. We never depend on pain-masking medications and will do everything possible to keep you out of surgery.

Green Lake’s community is full of health-conscious and dedicated athletes and sportspeople. Our Tangelo team is too. You can rely on us to manage and maintain your body’s quality, enriching you physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout your journey.

If you’re looking for the best Green Lake chiropractic and rehabilitation professionals, look no further than Tangelo Chiropractor + Rehab.

Our office is conveniently located in Green Lake Village just down the corridor from PCC Market and across from Pranify Yoga.

chiropractic for hip pain


Tangelo’s Seattle – Green Lake team is here to offer reliable, proven care for a holistic, natural approach to wellness. Our Chiropractors and rehab specialists are available to answer your questions or concerns. Let us give you the confidence you’re looking for when choosing a healthcare provider.

We promote and empower the body so it can use its innate healing process to give you a high level of comfort, support, balance, and performance. There’s nothing not to love about this. Chiropractic care and functional rehabilitation are responsible options for overall body wellness.


When you work with us, you get:

  • More energy
  • Less pain
  • Better motion, mobility, and flexibility
  • More strength
  • The tools to keep your body fully functioning through life


If you put the effort in, you can achieve your goals. Let’s work together and make it happen.


Some of our most common chiropractic and rehabilitation services in Seattle – Green Lake include:


  • Functional rehabilitation – Our patients receive exercises and stretches unique to their goals and abilities; these will strengthen the body, helping to prevent further injury. Often the patient will get details for at-home practice via videos created and performed by our team to ensure proper form.
  • Hands-on spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments – Adjustments that realign the spine or extremities (wrists, ankles, feet, etc.), allowing the body to achieve balance, full range of motion, comfort, and function.
  • The Graston Technique – Utilizing specifically-made chiropractic tools, scar tissue will be broken down, and mobilization will be restored.
  • Kinesiology Taping– When applied to affected muscle areas, this tape lifts the skin and maximizes oxygen and blood flow, allowing the injured areas to heal faster.
  • Cupping– Cups are applied to the skin and use suction to lift the skin and tissues, increasing blood flow and eases tension and pain as it restores function.
  • Active Release Techniques– By breaking up adhesions that form due to tissue injuries, flexibility and motion is restored as pain is minimized.
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy – Spinal decompression therapy is safe, non-surgical method to eliminate chronic issues.
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)– A service that assesses the body’s movement patterns, used to test patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain. This service allows for a targeted chiropractic and rehabilitation plan.


Living with pain is not how you are supposed to live. When our body isn’t functioning correctly, it’s telling us something is wrong, and it’s our job to do something about it. At our Seattle – Green Lake office, we believe in mending the body using the most non-invasive, trusted techniques.

We frequently work with patients suffering from one or more of the following symptoms:

Fun fact: according to a WalletHub study in January of 2020, Seattle is the 7th best city for an active lifestyle.

We want to help you take full advantage of it!


Physical abilities, goals, and necessities come in various shapes and sizes. Whatever you’re hoping to gain, we want you to gain it.

That could look like walking up the stairs, riding your bike to work, competing in a weightlifting event, taking part in a triathlon, and everything in between.

No matter the goal, the outcome is the same: achieve it. We’re here to make that happen, and maybe you’ll even surpass it.



Chiropractic care and rehabilitation nurture and embolden the body, but that’s not all. Our clinicians know that our solutions contribute to a natural, sustainable way of life, health, thinking, and being.

We promote your complete wellness by encouraging activity that supports and enriches body, mind, and spirit. When the body is unwell, it creates limitations for us on a mental and emotional level. This can cause anxiety, stress, inability to sleep, eat, and perform at our jobs, and remove the possibility of exercise, activity, and a social life. No one should live like that.

Our solutions are safe, trusted, and natural; they know how to get the body where it needs to be without relying on unsafe prescription medication and surgery. You don’t want to add to your downtime; get back to the activities you love- starting now.



Finding an effective approach to your individual needs is essential to your healing and well-being. We will work with you to determine the best plan to put in place and continuously pursue open communication to ensure your safety and confidence.

The Tangelo process is simple: our specialists will responsibly rid your body’s imbalances which aids the body in its natural healing abilities, then you’ll feel less pain, get more flexibility, and restored range of motion and movement.

This journey begins straight away, so on your first visit, come prepared to put some work in! You won’t leave disappointed.



At our Seattle – Green Lake chiropractic clinic, we take every opportunity to interact with our community. Some of our community involvement includes:

  • Orangetheory Fitness
  • Barre3
  • Pure Barre
  • Pranify Yoga
  • Pilates Hub
  • Ian Fitness
  • F45


We accept most insurance and never want financial burdens to get in the way of your health.

Talk to us about how we can start your wellness process with the least amount of out-of-pocket expense to you. Some of the insurance accepted include:

  • Regence
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • MODA*
  • American Specialty Health (ASH)*
  • Providence*
  • Aetna
  • Cigna*
  • Health Net*
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • First Choice
  • Multiplan
  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Injury Protection (Auto Accident Claims)
  • United Healthcare*
  • Premera*
  • Pacific Source*
  • Kaiser Permanente

*These plans process towards your out-of-network benefit, which can be comparable to in-network benefits!

The Tangelo difference – We complete a complimentary benefits check on your first visit, so you know what to expect for your insurance coverage.

Tangelo – Seattle Chiropractor + Rehab is located in the courtyard of Green Lake Village, across from Pranify Yoga and PCC. We have been serving the Green Lake community since August of 2014.

Parking is available in the Green Lake Village parking lot, metered street parking, or free residential parking.

Tangelo – Seattle Chiropractor + Rehab

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Dr. Bart Hand, Chiropractor | Greenlake Clinic | Tangelo
Dr. Bart Hand, Chiropractor | Greenlake Clinic | Tangelo
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Nick Perry, Rehabilitation Specialist | Greenlake Clinic | Tangelo
Nick Perry, Rehabilitation Specialist | Greenlake Clinic | Tangelo
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Dr. Kimberly Delen-Briones, Chiropractor | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
Dr. Kimberly Delen-Briones, Chiropractor | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
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Dr. Maya Shamsuddin, Chiropractor | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
Dr. Maya Shamsuddin, Chiropractor | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
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Luca Ciccu, Rehabilitation Specialist | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
Luca Ciccu, Rehabilitation Specialist | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
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Dr. Cambrie Guarino, Chiropractor | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
Dr. Cambrie Guarino, Chiropractor | Green Lake Clinic | Tangelo
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Kisa Pernia, Client Experience Coordinator | Green Lake Clinic
Kisa Pernia, Client Experience Coordinator | Green Lake Clinic
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If you haven’t gone to Tangelo for your chiropractic care and just all around well being, you’re really doing yourself a disjustice. The entire team at Tangelo is so wonderful. Dr. Kim has worked wonders on my neck, shoulders and back, and Nick always makes sure to work me hard on the rehab floor to ensure optimal strength and repair to my body. I’ve always suffered with neck and shoulder pain due to stress and sitting at a computer all day. After starting treatment at Tangelo, so much of that has diminished. They really do care about your well-being and become almost like family. Do yourself a favor, if you’ve been suffering from pain, schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed!” – Angela L. 


If you’ve tried other PT and Chiropractors, and given up, there is still hope! Tangelo helps people who have been through the ringer and tried everything. Even better, they’ll give you an experience that makes you WANT to come back and look forward to your appointments. Even though the docs ultimately give you all the tools & resources in order for you to not have to. I am an Orangetheory Coach and constantly have things popping up preventing me from working out. Dr Bart and Dr Aaron have helped me most but they are all fantastic and make you feel welcome & cared for. I recommend all my OTF members to go here!” – Ashley J.