Our chiropractors and rehab specialists help with wrist pain relief in our Portland and Seattle clinics

Wrist Pain

The wrist is a small area of the body and often goes unnoticed until an injury occurs; it’s then that we realize how often we use it and how much we rely on it for our everyday movements and capabilities. When the wrist is in pain, our usual routine is compromised.

From writing, using your device or computer, driving, exercising, and even at rest, wrist discomfort can be an annoyance or debilitating. Chiropractic services can safely and effectively find the cause of your wrist pain and help rebuild its strength and mobility at the source of the problem.

In all three of our Seattle locations and our Portland chiropractic clinic, we rely on advanced, proven chiropractic and rehabilitative solutions that end wrist pain and the difficulties it causes to your active lifestyle. Our techniques are non-invasive and work with the body’s natural healing powers to create a successful, intuitive healing process. 

We are experienced in treating the causes and symptoms of wrist pain, motion, and flexibility for all of our patients, and we understand the importance of getting you back to work, back to your physical activity of choice, and back to the quality of life you’re used to.

Typical Wrist Pain Symptoms 

Symptoms of wrist pain can be serious and lead to further harm when untreated, often nurturing chronic pain and loss of motion or weakness. We know you want to get back to your activities and everyday routines, and our chiropractic solutions will help make that happen safely and swiftly. 


We work with various patients who have multiple forms of wrist discomforts, including:

  • Throbbing, dull, or aching pain in the wrist or hand
  • Swelling of the wrist
  • Bruising of the wrist or hand
  • Inability to clench fist
  • Swollen fingers
  • Inability to hold items 
  • Sharp, sudden, radiating pain in the wrist
  • Numbness or tingling in hand or wrist
  • And more


When our bodies aren’t successfully supporting us, it can affect more than our physical well-being but contribute to emotional and mental distress. Pain has no place in your everyday life, and enduring it, allows for more problems, greater and spreading pain or discomfort, and the longevity of dissatisfaction.

The symptoms of wrist pain deserve a non-invasive treatment program, so you don’t have to miss out on your routine a minute longer than necessary.


When in pain, many areas of your life suffer: 

  • Missing work or inability to perform work-related tasks
  • Missing social engagements
  • Missing physical activity, exercise, sporting events
  • Missing time with family and friends


At Tangelo, we serve to find results that promote good health, good life choices, and active and responsible decisions for your overall wellness. Our chiropractic services can provide the smart solutions you want. 

Visiting our Portland chiropractic clinic or any of our Seattle chiropractic clinics ensures you receive care that stops pain at the source in an energetic setting with professionals who are dedicated to your recovery. 

Common Causes of Wrist Pain 

Wrist discomfort can come from a series of events or motions; sometimes it’s due to perpetual use, sometimes a singular event causes an adverse reaction, but either way, treatment is essential. When wrist pain goes untreated, it will often lead to more severe pain, maximize loss of motion, and even put other areas of the body at harm.


Some common causes of wrist pain include:


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

This happens when a nerve in the wrist becomes pinched; the pressure from the pinch will cause sensitivity or pain and often swells. You may also notice tingling sensations, numbness, and weakness in the wrist and hand. 


Exercise or physical activity injury

Many of our patients are active, and while we absolutely encourage that, those who lead an active lifestyle put their bodies at risk more often than those who don’t. Wrist injury is common in more active people, from weightlifting to push-ups to improperly using exercise equipment or improperly performing exercise moves to consistent use due to your sport of choice. 

Misperforming or overuse can lead to fractures, sprains, strains, tendonitis, bruising, and more. 


Accident injury

Whether it’s a car accident, a work-related accident, or a slip and fall accident, we’ve seen many patients with injuries to the wrist. After any kind of accident, it’s important to seek medical attention, even if you feel it’s not required. 

In times of need (like after an accident, no matter how minor), our bodies work in overdrive, releasing adrenaline that helps us get through the event until we’re in a safe space. This may take hours or even days, and in that time, we could be doing damage to our bodies that we don’t realize until later. 


Overuse injury 

Wrist pain, discomfort, swelling, and more can stem from overuse due to your occupation, sport, exercise routine, or habits. Finding a way to properly manage the pain and properly use your body so it can support you will lead to comfort and preventative care. Our specialists can identify where you’re misusing your body, educate you on how to perform moving forward, and help get you functioning as you’re meant to. 

Why Do I Have Wrist Pain?

Because we use our wrists so much, discomfort may be due to several factors. When the wrist is compromised and goes untreated, it may worsen due to new pressure put on areas that can’t support it. We often see that mild wrist pain turns into significant pain because joints and ligaments are carrying newfound burdens. 


Some reasons you may experience wrist pain include:

  • Performing repetitive tasks (weightlifting, typing, writing, drawing, sewing) 
  • Improper exercise form
  • Pregnancy 
  • Injury 
  • Medical conditions, such as diabetes and arthritis


Our three Seattle chiropractic clinics in Fremont, Green Lake, and West Seattle, as well as our Portland chiropractic clinic, are well-versed in finding remedies to wrist pain so our patients can get back to the athletic event, the gym, the office, and anywhere else they need to be, in comfort and with confidence. 

Our Wrist Pain Solutions and Techniques 

We work hard to find the optimum solution for you because we know how important your lifestyle is, and we want your downtime to be minimal, if at all. Our active approach works within the confines of your comfort level, and the unique plan created for you ensures efficiency with the use of our holistic services. 

At Tangelo, we value the body’s natural healing powers, and we reinforce it through various techniques, nurturing the relationship between you, your body, and your mind. We don’t rely on medication to cover up your pain, and we hope to keep you out of risky surgeries and unnecessary time away from the things you love to do most.  

Because all of our patients differ, we offer several solutions to help encourage your health.


Our most common chiropractic services for your wrist pain include:

  • ART (active release techniques): this technique works with the affected soft tissues to remove scar tissue, allowing for movement, motion, flexibility, and comfort, generating faster healing
  • Manual therapy: using hand-on techniques, we can improve the wrist’s range of motion and flexibility, which helps relax muscles and encourages strength 
  • Functional rehabilitation: our rehabilitative solutions provide balance and support the proper function of the body, rejuvenating and restoring strength and movement patterns and correcting injuries
  • At-home exercise and stretching therapies: most of our patients receive exercises and stretches for at-home completion explicitly designed for them; this creates safer and faster results when combined with our in-office solutions  
  • Instrument assisted solutions: using tools designed for chiropractic use, we can target joints and soft tissue groups that are affected and get quick, effective results 


The Tangelo Chiropractic Process

We are professionals at finding your body’s balance safely. Our team helps peak performance, design proactive strengthening skills, educate on proper body use, and rid your body of pain at its source. We are intentional with our chiropractic plans, getting you the body you want. 


The Tangelo process is easy:

  • Have a consultation and determine your medical history, current ailments, and ultimate goals
  • Perform a physical evaluation 
  • Design a support program that mitigates discomfort at the source
  • Start the healing process (on day one, so come prepared to work!)


Stop suffering and stop missing out on opportunities that contribute to your quality of life. Call us at one of our Seattle clinics, West Seattle, Fremont, or Green Lake, or our Portland clinic today.  


The Tangelo professionals are proud to help so many who experience wrist pain, and we enjoy getting them back to their lives through safe, meticulous chiropractic care. Read what they have to say, then call us so we can help you.

I found Tangelo from a friend, my wrist was getting tendinitis frequently and I’m an artist so that’s scary. I decided to try it.

They not only worked on the pain with the chiropractor, they then spend the rest of your visit learning exercises on how to build that area up, how to stretch, give more muscles, so your pain doesn’t happen again! They are genuinely concerned with setting you up for success.

One could argue it may have been a fluke, but a few years later I take up running. I injured my back at age 35!

I went to them to ask for help, hoping this isn’t just how life is and that I can fix it and prevent it from happening again. Long story short, it was the same! They taught me ways to fix the pain, and work up running slowly, and how to stretch and build up muscles so I wouldn’t get that pain again.

They also don’t mind that I’m a chatterbox! They truly feel like friends. Not to mention how clean they are during COVID times. They clean everything everybody touches as soon as they’re done with the equipment, and have reduced the amount of people allowed in the building.

They also told me whenever I get pregnant that I can come in there for that too! Pre and post baby! They’re stuck with me 🙂 Can’t sing their praises enough.”

Lauren H. // Seattle, WA