What You Need to Know About Sciatica

July 26, 2022

 sciatica painSciatica is a little word that packs a big punch- especially if you suffer from it. Our Seattle and Portland Chiropractic clinics see many patients who believe they have sciatica, and in some cases, they’re correct.

Sciatica can be very painful. It can be a full-on day-destroyer, sleep-destroyer, exercise-destroyer- you get the idea. 

In this post, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about sciatica and how chiropractic care can help. 


What is sciatica? 

Sciatica is pain that stems from the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, it’s as thick as your thumb and runs from the lower back, through the back of each leg, and down to the ankles.

When impaired or under pressure, the nerve will cause pain to the lower back that may radiate into the hips, buttocks, or legs. 

Those who suffer from sciatica generally hold the majority of their pain on one side of the body.

Pain can be more substantial after long periods of movement or strain, or while sitting and at rest. It can also cause numbness, tingly sensations, or weakness.


Pain may come in the form of:

• Sharp, shooting pain
• Throbbing pain
• Constant dull ache
• Mild discomfort
• Burning sensation
• Pain that relents then reappears 


Our holistic Chiropractic solutions have effectively and efficiently remedied sciatica through non-invasive, safe techniques. 


Who gets sciatica, and what causes it? 

People of all ages can get sciatica, and depending on your occupation or genetics; you may be prone to it.


Those inclined to sciatica include:

• Those with untreated injuries to the lower back
• Those who are older, the aging process contributes to the wearing down of bone tissue and spinal discs
• Heavyset people or those who have experienced weight gain
• Those who are weak in the core and lower back
• Those with physically demanding occupations
• Those with poor posture
• Those who are inactive
• Those with diabetes
• Pregnant women
• And more


The common causes of sciatica include:

• Herniated disc- this is the number one cause of sciatica and occurs when the gel-like substance in the center of one of the spinal discs comes through the disc and presses on the sciatic nerve
• Degenerative disc disease- when the discs wear down naturally, shortening their height and narrowing the nerve passageway, this narrowing is called spinal stenosis
• Spinal stenosis- this pinches the sciatic nerve root due to narrowing of the spinal passageway that minimizes space for the spinal cord and nerves
• Trauma injury to the lumbar spine
• Spondylolisthesis- when a vertebra slips out of line from the one above it, narrowing the opening where the sciatic nerve is located and allowing the spinal bone to pinch the nerve
• Spinal tumors
• Osteoarthritis- when bone spurs form and compress the nerves in the lower back
• And more


While these causes differ in severity, finding a remedy to the pain and discomfort is as simple as a visit with your local Chiropractor.

In many cases, an experienced Chiropractor can fix the cause of the symptom; however, it’s essential to have a thorough physical exam to learn what’s happening in your body.

Our team is dedicated to your full recovery, and if another specialist needs to be brought in, we will work with them to keep you safe and free of pain.

We will put together a comprehensive, Chiropractic plan that nurtures a safe, fast recovery so you can live in comfort. 


chiropractic careHow to treat sciatica

Our manual soft tissue solutions to your sciatica pain are tried and true. We’ve helped hundreds of patients suffering at every level of pain and discomfort, from athletes to office workers; we will aid in strengthening your muscles and prioritizing your body’s balance so you can function as highly as you’re designed to.


ART (Active Release Techniques)

ART is a group of effective methods that work to treat and eradicate dangerous scar tissue that works against the body, causing pain and mobility loss. Our team is certified in these treatments and has years of experience in supporting sciatica rehabilitation. 


Chiropractic adjustments 

Our Chiropractors are skilled at targeting joints that reset herniated discs through gentle, effective, manual thrusts. Once completed, pressure is removed from the sciatic nerve, and proper function is restored. 


Functional rehabilitation 

Functional rehabilitation therapies are geared toward strengthening and stabilizing. These treatments enhance balance, providing support for affected areas of the body. We create unique plans for each patient considering their pain points, ability levels, and overall health goals. 


Spinal Decompression Therapy 

Spinal decompression is ideal for individuals experiencing chronic back and neck pain, especially those who have not found relief through conventional treatments or have undergone unsuccessful back or neck surgery. Spinal decompression therapy is safe, non-surgical method to eliminate chronic issues. 


The Tangelo Chiropractor + Rehab experience doesn’t stop when you walk out our doors. We value ongoing education and provide our patients with proactive and preventative measures to be done at home.

Exercises and stretches play an important role in the body’s health, flexibility, and capabilities.

Utilizing proper posture, getting in daily physical activity, and having healthy habits will organically promote a safe, well-balanced body and mind. 


The bottom line

Sciatica pain doesn’t have to take over your life. The safe, effective Chiropractic care achieved at our Tangelo clinics can not only reduce your discomfort and help with your quality of life, but it can also remedy the cause of your sciatica at its root. 

If you’re suffering from low back, hip, or leg pain, visit with a Chiropractor and have an exam. Find out what’s causing the pain before it gets worse.  Book your appointment now.