Kerry F // Green Lake

My husband found these guys first. After years of back pain stemming from a scooter accident we were both ready for some lasting relief. He was so excited about his sessions with them I teased him about having joined a cult. Then he signed me up for an appointment.

It is all it’s cracked up to be. Dr. Bart is a highly skilled chiropractor and the rehab team is great. We haven’t felt this good in years and they have taught us how to maintain our bodies to remain pain free.

Jason D // Green Lake

I am a very active person and I had increased my training load for an upcoming marathon.  Unfortunately, I began having Achilles tendon pain and ankle pain with the increased load.  By complete chance I met Dr. Joe Farris and he was able to identify the problem right away.  I went to [Tangelo] in Green Lake and Dr. Joe worked on the pain points while I also received PT with Tyler.  As a team they worked very well and I really began to improve.  Things started easy, but they adjusted the difficulty such that by the end of 12 sessions I was struggling and the PT became intense!  I truly felt like I was building muscles that were underdeveloped.  I also have a new workout routine to keep developing these muscles to prevent recurrences.

My pains began to dissipate and I was surprised that never once did anyone tell me that I should stop training or scale back.  I’ve had doctors tell me this before, but I feel that they simply don’t understand the mindset of someone who is seriously training for a goal.  It’s nearly impossible to stop training!  If my body is not completely broken… then I’m running.  Fortunately Dr. Joe and Tyler were willing to do their best to ensure that I didn’t miss a step!

At the end of the treatment course I was ready to run the marathon and I set a new PR!  Overall I’m very happy with the treatment I received and I would recommend the team without any reservations.  I feel like they did a great job

Hillary J // Green Lake

This place is AMAZING!!! [The] team are exceptional on every level. From the minute you walk in, the energy is incredible and it’s not what you would normally experience or expect when you think of traditional physical therapy.

I have been an athlete all my life and dealing with a long list of injuries and muscular imbalances and this place is the reason I’m able to work out right now AND why I’m so hopeful about what I’ll be able to do in the future and continuing to improve every single day.

They always make you feel encouraged about getting to your goal and take an amazing whole health and full body approach to everything, rather than just treating the one area that’s bothering you. I literally couldn’t say enough great things about this and recommend them to absolutely everyone I know. I am a completely different person from when I started seeing them!

David F // Green Lake

Love the staff and their approach to helping you get healthy. You can get better, you can heal, you don’t have to live with the pain. Go to Tangelo and learn how to be the best you that you can be.

The positivity and focused attention they give you will get you there mentally and physically.

Special thanks to Dr. Aaron who always has so much joy and helpful encouragement that he alone can brighten your day no matter how dark it was.

Tiffany S // Green Lake

The staff at the Green Lake [Tangelo] is amazing. After other failed PT attempts elsewhere, they helped me get back to my pre-injury active lifestyle, and taught me the tools to retrain my muscles after knee surgery and recover from activity without pain. I cannot recommend them enough! All the doctors are great […]. I (almost) miss getting to see them every week, but am super grateful to have my active life back!