Ben C // Portland, OR

Tangelo is a very fun and supportive place! Dr. Jordan helped me alleviate my back pain by doing soft tissue work, doing adjustments, and most importantly helping me get stronger in my core. She did a great job by asking me what my goals were, and helping me get to that point.

As opposed to my old chiropractor where I would walk in and get my back cracked and walk out, Tangelo helps you build the strength required to solve the problem at its root and to prevent other problems in the future. By doing the exercises at Tangelo and at home, I feel much stronger than I did before.

Brian C // Portland, OR

Finally pain-free after years of agony. Tangelo and Dr. Jordan have far exceeded expectations and the results have been amazing.

I suffered rotator cuff injuries to both shoulders that significantly limited my range of motion and strength in both shoulders to the point that I had difficulty lifting even a gallon of milk into the refrigerator and couldn’t get a 5-pound weight over my head. Surgery was not needed and so I was ordered physical therapy at OHSU. After two rounds of PT (nearly 15 to 20 visits) and not getting anywhere, I gave up.

While the everyday pain subsided a little after the PT, my range of motion and strength never improved. When the everyday pain increased to a point of being unbearable, I visited Tangelo because of their ability to offer massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy in one visit. This was my last attempt before requesting surgery and figured the trifecta of massage, chiropractic and PT would help, but I was skeptical because of prior results. Tangelo exceeded expectations.

My first visit (one hour) with Dr. Jordan included the typical PT measurements, but also included deep tissue, chiropractic work, and several PT options. After the session, Dr. Jordan went over a detailed treatment plan and Monica (front office) discussed several package options as well as discounts available through partner businesses. I contemplated the package, but received a discount from a partner business and wanted to see how a few visits went.

I have now completed around 10 visits and am free from the daily pain, can lift milk into the refrigerator, have significantly increased my range of motion, and can lift with relative ease 10 pounds over my head. Dr. Jordan’s deep tissue work, cupping and grasping methods, chiropractic adjustments, and PT, coupled with PT work on my own, are a direct result of the success I have had.[…] I highly recommend Tangelo and plan to continue with a maintenance plan after the treatment plan has ended.

Jenna G // Portland, OR

I had a great experience with Dr. Rachel at Tangelo to help me recover after an injury. They really took the time to understand the pain I was experiencing and what my goals were. The treatment and at-home exercises they provided helped me recover faster than I expected and I feel confident that I have the tools to prevent future injury.

Paige G // Portland, OR

This place is fantastic and unique. I’ve been working with Dr. Rodney on a blend of strength training and conservative care to rehab a torn ACL and he is amazing!

I really appreciate how dynamic this practice operates. The offerings include a blend of exercises, deep tissue massage, chiropractic care and a host of other treatments. Rodney has curated exercises and treatments to meet me where I’m at. He’s extremely knowledgeable, energetic and fun to work with. The exercises are easily transferable into my routine and it feels realistic for me to continue the work on my own (whereas in the past working with PT has felt impossible to incorporate into my crazy and busy life).

Everyone I’ve met on staff there is incredibly kind and friendly and I always feel at home. Most importantly, it feels like the practitioners there genuinely care about my recovery and about setting me up for success so that I walk away strong and able to take my own training and well being into my own hands, which is the best feeling ever.

Thank you Tangelo! I’m super stoked I went to this place and would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in gleaning professional support in strengthening and fine-tuning their bodies and health.

Liz O // Portland, OR

If you have any issues with neck, back, or any other kind of pain, this is the place you need to go. Nothing I have done has ever been as effective as going to this clinic.

Dr. Rachel is fantastic and always willing to make adjustments so the exercises work for you and your body. Everyone at the clinic is super friendly, helpful, and has great positive energy. I could not recommend them more highly!