Can Chiropractic Care Really End Low Back Pain?

March 07, 2023

get rid of back painLow back pain is a common issue affecting many people worldwide, all with various conditions. From poor posture to improper lifting techniques to good, old-fashioned wear and tear, there are several reasons we suffer from low back pain. 

Chiropractic solutions are an effective alternative to aggressive healthcare measures such as prescription pain medication or surgery. Because chiropractic is gentle and non-invasive, there is little to no downtime after treatment, which means you can get back to your active lifestyle quickly and in comfort. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the tremendous effects of chiropractic care on low back pain and how it can help improve your overall quality of life.


Why Chiropractic is Effective at Ending Low Back Pain

Chiropractic focuses on treating musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders, giving your body the resources to heal itself. Chiropractic helps to restore proper spine alignment, repair soft tissue injuries, nurture joint health, and much more, with the goal of optimizing the body so it can fully support you. 

Chiropractors use a comprehensive approach to care, assessing the entire body to ensure the proper solutions are provided. Because the spine and musculoskeletal system rely on connectivity between several areas, an injury in one part of the body could cause pain in another.  

Chiropractors use various manual techniques, such as spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapies, to realign the spine and restore proper function throughout the body.


How Does Chiropractic Help with Low Back Pain?

Chiropractic treatment aims to find what’s causing your low back pain and heal it. This often involves restoring the spine’s normal alignment and reducing any pressure placed on it; however, that’s not always the case. 


Chiropractors can help with many issues that cause low back pain, including:

• Disc herniation, disc bulge, or other disc injuries

• Degenerative disc disease

• Sprains and strains

• Inflammation

• Scar tissue

• Sciatica  

• Postural dysfunction

• Arthritis 

• Mental stress

• And more


One of the most common causes of low back pain is subluxation, which refers to the misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine. Subluxation can lead to inflammation, muscle tension, and nerve irritation, all of which can contribute to discomfort in your low back. Chiropractic care can treat this and other low back pain conditions using various methods. 


Chiropractic solutions to end low back pain:

Chiropractic adjustments– controlled and targeted spinal manipulations that restore proper placement and reduce restrictions for correct movement, reducing low back pain 

• Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization– using specially designed tools over injured soft tissues, affected areas are restored and strengthened so they can best support you

Functional rehabilitation– a tailored program of exercises and stretches that work to meet your individual needs for a faster recovery process 

• Take-home exercises- complementing your in-clinic care, at-home plans are designed to support your ongoing health and strengthening campaign 

• And more


In most cases, you’ll also receive lifestyle advice on everything ranging from workstation setup to exercises and stretching to postural insight. At Tangelo, we know education is incremental to your success, and invite our patients to watch our informative videos and learn more about overall body health and maintenance. 


Seattle back pain specialistIs Chiropractic Care Safe for Low Back Pain?

Chiropractic is proven and trusted. It’s one of the most effective solutions for low back pain because it relies solely on natural remedies that empower the body. Unlike surgery or other medical procedures, chiropractic treatments are non-invasive and do not involve using pain medication that can cause their own problems. 

Chiropractic treatments are performed without adverse side effects, and patients usually experience immediate relief at varying degrees from their symptoms.

Like with any medical treatment, you should always select a qualified and experienced chiropractor. Getting the proper diagnosis is essential to a successful treatment strategy. A good chiropractor will also be able to identify any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your lower back pain.


How Long Does It Take for Chiropractic to Work?

The time it takes for chiropractic to reduce low back pain varies from person to person. Some people may experience significant improvement after just one visit, while others may need multiple visits over several weeks to achieve their desired results. The frequency and duration of chiropractic treatments will depend on the severity of your injury. 

However, we can confidently say that in a staggering number of cases, the patient sees results at the start of treatment and often after the first session. While there may be more improvement over time, some relief is generally felt immediately. 


Let Us Help End Your Low Back Pain 

Chiropractic care is an effective and fast alternative to conventional medical treatments for low back pain. It can help optimize spinal alignment, reduce inflammation and nerve irritation, and improve circulation and the body’s overall functioning.

Tangelo is unlike other chiropractors, offering a wide range of corrective therapies to get you better faster. Our clinics are energetic and revitalizing, giving you the momentum to return to your routine stronger and safer. 

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, consider visiting one of our multiple Seattle locations or our Portland location. With our chiropractic care and guidance, you can experience relief naturally, and you’ll be active again before you know it. 

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