Chiropractic Can Help Women with Hip Pain

February 07, 2023

Chiropractic Can Help Women with Hip PainHip pain is a common occurrence for many people; however, it affects women more often than it does men. The design of the female body, the gynecological element, and the size and strength of the hip socket and its surrounding soft tissues can all play a role in causing hip discomfort in women. It’s also important to note that a woman’s hip pain may actually be due to a low back or knee injury. 

Chiropractors can not only determine the precise cause of a woman’s hip pain but can provide safe, effective solutions that mend the soft tissues and joints so they can function fully. 


This article is going over:

• Why women get hip pain

• Symptoms associated with hip pain in women

• Chiropractic techniques to end hip pain

• Benefits of chiropractic care

• And more


What Causes Hip Pain in Women?

The female anatomy is often the reason for hip pain. With a wider pelvis than a man’s, women have a significant angle between the hip and the knee. Because of this, women tend to rely on their knees to support them with movement that their hip muscles should support. This lack of use can weaken the hip muscles, making injury common. 


There are numerous reasons women may experience hip pain, including: 

• Pregnancy or weight gain

• Pelvic dysfunction or gynecological problems

• Joint or soft tissue overuse due to a profession or sports-related activities  

• Improper movement patterns

• Disc herniation 

• Knee injury  

• Regular wear and tear or aging

• A traumatic event, such as a car accident  


Conditions that cause hip pain include:

• Sciatica  

• Arthritis

• Nerve impingement 

• Iliotibial band syndrome

• Bursitis

• Tendonitis

• Hip fracture


These reasons and conditions vary and can cause a myriad of symptoms that include:

• Hip tightness or stiffness

• Loss of range of motion

• Radiating pain from the low back into the hips

• Dull, throbbing, intense, or shooting pain

• Chronic pain

• Pain running through the sciatic nerve

• Difficulty sleeping

• Lack of energy, focus, and productivity

• And others


Having a safe healing plan in place can significantly decrease hip pain by resolving the condition that’s causing the discomfort. Chiropractic solutions never mask pain with medication and try to avoid risky surgery, which can cause days of downtime and further weakens the body.

Working with a chiropractor at the first signs of your discomfort will help keep more invasive medical treatments out of the picture so you can recover naturally and efficiently. 


chiropractic for hip pain Chiropractic Solutions for Women with Hip Pain

At Tangelo, we value the importance of physical activity, so our goal is to get you moving safely and correctly as quickly as possible. We provide holistic chiropractic services that work together to enhance your process, as well as guidance and education regarding exercising, stretching, and lifestyle changes. 


Chiropractic services to treat hip pain include:

• Chiropractic adjustments– controlled and highly targeted manipulations that restore proper placement and function to an affected area 

• Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization– using industry-designed tools over injured soft tissues, we can effectively restore and strengthen the tissues so they can support you

• Functional rehabilitation– a series of exercises and stretches that work to meet your needs and goals for a faster recovery process 

• Take-home exercises- complementing your in-clinic care, at-home plans are designed to support your ongoing health

• Lifestyle guidance- from postural support to workstation setup to warm-ups and cooldowns, we’ll go over the best ways to get and stay strong and healthy

• And more


Some benefits of chiropractic care include:

• Increased comfort

• Increased range of motion

• Improved joint health

• Improved movement patterns 

• Enhanced overall health

• Improved sleep quality 

• Decreased mental stress


Steps to help decrease your hip discomfort right now:

• Keep knees pointed forward when you kneel, squat, sit, and stand

• Pay attention to your posture and correct it as necessary

• Stretch your legs and hips

• Exercise the hip daily with gentle exercises such as swimming or walking

• When standing, ensure you’re balanced between both sides (don’t compensate or favor one side)

• Apply ice packs for swelling or inflammation

• Take a warm bath to loosen and stretch the soft tissues 


It’s important to talk with your healthcare provider before implementing physical activities that could cause further damage. Your chiropractor can advise you on the best steps to take to responsibly get pain-free.


Let Us Help End Your Hip Pain 

With so many reasons to partner with a chiropractor on your hip health, why not make the call? You have nothing to lose. 

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