The Benefits of Chiropractic Care For Posture Correction

August 04, 2021

Poor posture is a definitive leader in providing body ailments such as pain, loss of range of motion, and discomfort. Not only can poor posture affect your lower back (lumbar), but it can negatively influence other areas of the body such as your neck and shoulders as well. 

Adding Chiropractic care to your health routine can not only restore your body but will give you valuable solutions for posture correction and ongoing, proactive postural care.


Today, we’re going to:

• Tell you why you have poor posture
Describe what poor posture does to your body
• Break down the benefits of Chiropractic care for better posture so you can keep your body strong, supportive, and healthy- the way it’s meant to be


Why do I have poor posture?

There are a number of contributing factors to poor posture. The good news is that all can be remedied with safe, natural, healing Chiropractic solutions. 


Some of the common reasons your posture is suffering include:
• Slouching
• Forcing your head forward to work on a computer
• Stress from sitting all day
• Stress from standing all day
• Working at a desk- non-ergonomic, no lumbar support
• Text neck- neck strain due to handheld device use
• Bad shoes
• Bad sleeping and driving positions
• And more


Regulating these issues with gentle yet effective Chiropractic treatments will provide posture correction and give you the tools necessary to achieve good posture on your own. 


What poor posture does to your body

Before we get into the benefits of Chiropractic for your poor posture, it’s important to understand what’s happening to our bodies when we succumb to habitual poor posture. 

Our Seattle and Portland Chiropractic clinics work with patients daily who are feeling the effects of posture strain. 

Many of us use computers and other devices for hours upon hours a day. While this dependency is often work-related, the tech-use is generally continued into our evenings and weekends. Whether we’re watching movies, playing games, Facetiming family, reading an article; the fact is, being on a device is the new norm for the vast majority of us.  

With this technological advancement comes an array of postural issues.


Sitting for hours with our heads tilted unnaturally against the curve of the spine will create a myriad of problems, including:

• Muscle tension
• Soreness in the neck, lower back, shoulders, and more
• Hip pain
• Loss of mobility and flexibility
• Stiffness in muscle groups in the neck and shoulders
• Discomfort when turning the head
• Aches in the lower back
• And more


The problem we often see is that these discomforts start mild and appear non-threatening, insignificant. However, when these conditions aren’t treated, and action isn’t taken to correct posture, they perpetuate, grow more painful, and spread to other areas.  


These newer, more significant issues can be:

• Chronic headaches and migraines
• Arthritis
• Chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, and back
• Sciatica
• Continued spinal disc issues- herniated discs
• Inability to safely and painlessly move the head or shoulders
• Impaired immune system
• Nerve issues
• And more


We understand that your job may require inactivity for long periods, but sustained sitting is hard on your spine, affecting body balance and alignment.


Not only does this contribute to an unhealthy body, but your mental and emotional health can also be impacted.

• Insomnia or problems with getting to sleep or staying asleep
• Lethargy (consistent tiredness)
• Loss of energy
• Loss of productivity
• Stress
• Depression and anxiety
• Inability to focus
• And more


We recognize that device use is not the only creator of these postural conditions, and our team is ready to speak with you about your unique problems and care. We’ll work with you on body re-education so it can safely protect you. Keeping your posture in check at home and throughout your life is vital to your body’s overall health. 


Chiropractic care for poor posture 

The uptick to all of this is that Tangelo Chiropractor + Rehab has the Chiropractic solutions to manage the discomfort poor posture is causing and show you how to keep that discomfort away- for life. 

Our doctors never rely on pain-masking medications that don’t fix the source of your discomfort and keep your body at risk. We utilize real techniques that remedy the root of the problem. 


ART (Active Release Techniques)

ART is an effective solution to minimizing painful scar tissue that builds up around overused and injured muscles. This scar tissue contributes to weakness, soreness, and loss of mobility, among other things. Our team will review your condition and use ART methods to rid your body of imbalance and enhance your posture. 


Functional rehabilitation

Restoring correct movement patterns is crucial to the management of pain and keeping it at bay. Functional rehabilitation therapies are used to strengthen, stabilize, and find balanced mobility and motion. 

Through individualized exercises, these solutions promote a body that is aligned and capable of adequately supporting you whether you’re sitting all day or sleeping improperly, or driving for long periods; these therapies will aid in healing poor posture discomforts. 


Kinesiology tape

This is a medical tape that is applied to the skin of affected areas of the body. Using kinesiology tape on the neck will restore the retraction of the neck and alleviate tension and stress caused by the head tending to tilt forward (called Forward Head Posture), going against the curvature of the spine. This will help with lower back and neck discomfort, providing increased blood and oxygen flow to the cervical spine (the part of the spine in the neck). 


Visit a Chiropractor for posture correction 

Don’t undervalue the importance of spinal and postural care for your health. Sorting out even the slightest of discomforts caused by poor posture will contribute to overall well-being and keep you from enduring more significant problems and pain. Posture correction is safe, easy, and effective. 

Our doctors will give you long-lasting results that fix the issues at their source, and we’ll educate you, giving your resources that nurture postural support for ongoing maintenance and management.

Get in touch with us today so we can get you a safe posture, energized, productive, and comfortable.