Why Cupping Therapy & Chiropractic Care Work So Well Together

November 15, 2022

cupping and chiropractic care Chiropractic adjustments are one of the safest methods to sort out spinal and soft tissue injuries found in the back, shoulders, and neck. Using a quick, controlled thrust to the affected area, pain is reduced, mobility is restored, and patients can generally find immediate relief. 

However, when you work with a chiropractor, you often receive various services that complement each other for the most efficient and effective results. Cupping is a natural way to enhance your chiropractic care and get quicker healing, and who wouldn’t want that? 



Cupping is an ancient soft tissue healing therapy that occurs when cups are placed on the skin over affected, injured, or painful areas of the body. In most cases, this is done to the back, but the technique can also be applied to the neck, shoulders, buttocks, and legs as well. 



Once the cups are in place, they provide a deep suction that creates a gentle vacuum against the skin. This treatment relies on the pressure from the cups to lift the skin as it lifts the tissues underneath it. 

Once the soft tissues have lifted, circulation increases, and blood and oxygen can easily reach muscles that are tight, aching, inflamed, or otherwise impaired. Once fresh blood full of fresh oxygen gets into the necessary area, it will start to restore and find proper function. 



While everyone has different sensitivities, typically, cupping does not hurt. The sensations may be a bit odd at first, as the skin is pulled and tightened, but pain isn’t a usual outcome during the session. In fact, many patients find it relaxing. 

After your cupping treatment, you may find yourself tired and the treated skin may be irritated, red, or slightly bruised. This is a normal temporary reaction, but superficial and shouldn’t affect your daily routine or comfort. Tenderness usually only lasts about 24 hours.




Many chiropractic patients see excellent results with the trusted and proven combination of cupping and chiropractic care. When done correctly, on the right patient, these two pack a powerful one-two punch. 

When combined, cupping and chiropractic can lead to safer, faster healing, as well as strengthening of the soft tissues and swift balance correction to the spine’s vertebrae. All of these stabilize the musculoskeletal system and invite correct movement patterns and full function so the body can best support you. 

Getting your body to perform at its peak is the ultimate goal, and cupping combined with chiropractic adjustments is a non-invasive, holistic approach to help you get there. 



There are various reasons a chiropractor will treat their patient with both cupping therapy and chiropractic care. Due to their proven track record for safety, the two can be used on patients of differing ages and lifestyles, making them a convenient and reliable resource for obtaining body health. 


Some common reasons for combining these treatments include:

• Repetitive or overuse injuries

• Improper exercise or movement patterns

• Emotional stress

• Disc herniations 


• Sedentary (inactive) lifestyle

• Poor posture or ergonomics

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

Back pain or stiffness

• Neck pain, stiffness, and loss of range of motion

Knee pain 

• Arthritis 

• Athletic enhancement

• And more


Together, chiropractic and cupping can alleviate tension, soreness, and stiffness by generating blood flow to constricted muscles and other soft tissues. It’s an effective duo that 



Cupping therapy and chiropractic provide numerous benefits to the body and mind. They contribute to relaxation, overall well-being, comfort, and a stronger, balanced body. But they do much more, too.


Common benefits include:

• Better sleep quality

• Decreased headaches

• Improved comfort and flexibility

• Improved movement

• Decreases anxiety and stress

• Reduces high blood pressure

• Reduces pain and discomfort due to arthritis

• Increased focus and performance

• More energy

• And more


Our multiple Seattle chiropractic locations and our Portland chiropractic clinic have seen these benefits help our patients firsthand. Finding balance and comfort utilizing these chiropractic solutions contributes to a healthy lifestyle and encourages the body’s empowerment. 



Cupping is safe and natural, and when combined with chiropractic adjustments, you can see extremely effective and often immediate results in your body’s function and pain management. 

Our chiropractors and rehab specialists have found that cupping complements many chiropractic treatments for many symptoms. If you’re in pain or want to get a better quality of life, we may be able to help. 

Book with one of our clinics; and let’s start you on the path to recovery.