Why Does My Mid Back Hurt?

November 29, 2022

middle of back pain Here is the reality: The mid back pain has increasingly become one of the most common ailments and conditions we treat at Tangelo.

Since the pandemic, it seems that more and more people are reaching out to Seattle’s premier chiropractic and sports rehabilitation clinic to fix their mid back pain once and for all.


Today we are going to discuss:

• Does Poor Posture Cause Mid Back Pain?

• How We Treat Back Pain at Tangelo

• Exercises and Stretches to Consider

• Does Poor Posture Cause Mid Back Pain?


Let me cut to the chase. You do not have mid-back pain because you have terrible posture.

Yes, your bad posture is not helping your cause, but posture alone is most likely not the crux of your agony.

From postural fatigue-related pain to upper crossed syndrome to dorsal scapular nerve entrapment and other nerve-related problems, your body position may provoke or exacerbate your symptoms, but your capacity (endurance, strength, and mobility) has a lot more do with how your mid back pain can tolerate long periods of a single position.

In other words, your body will adapt to the position you find yourself in.

If you are regularly resting your arms on a keyboard (or on your phone) with your shoulders rolled in, back rounded, and chin gravitating towards your screen, you better believe this will put stress into your upper back over time.


How We Treat Mid Back Pain at Tangelo

Two patients that have similar presentations might need two different approaches to care.

You are unique, your circumstances are unique, and it’s important that any provider sees you as a person rather than a back pain patient.

At Tangelo, we use a myriad of modalities to treat the site of your mid back pain as well as fix the source of your pain.

We start the journey of your care with a comprehensive and thorough assessment to determine the source of your agonizing pain.

After your assessment, we educate you on what we discovered and work with you to set a plan.

Then the fun begins, and we get to work treating the soft tissue with Active Release Techniques, which is a combination of stretching and massage to help free up tension, encourage blood flow and stimulate healing.


Additionally, and if necessary, we will use the following modalities of care:

• Chiropractic

• Cupping

• Graston Technique

• Kinesiology Taping

• Functional Rehabilitation


Exercises and Stretches To Consider

Below you will find my Top 5 exercises to give your mid back a reason to not be so tight and painful. Remember this though, these exercises are not meant to treat or diagnose any ailment or condition – they are for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you choose to perform them, you agree to perform them at your own risk. With that said, here we go.

  1. Band Pull Throughs
  2. Half Kneeling Windmill
  3. Bench Dowel Extensions
  4. Band Pull Aparts
  5. Floor Overhead Shoulder Flexion 



Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. If you are currently experiencing nagging mid-back pain, the best thing you can do is get it assessed and treated right away.

The longer you wait, the longer it will take to recover, and the more time you would’ve lost.

We have 3 Seattle locations and 1 Portland location to serve you.

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