End Back Pain Related to Your Car Accident

July 04, 2023

End Back Pain Related to Your Car AccidentCar accidents can be incredibly stressful, physically and mentally. Even minor collisions can cause back discomfort hours, even days, after the event takes place. After an auto accident, you should always seek chiropractic care to ensure your body is functioning correctly. 

Chiropractors offer safe, effective, non-invasive solutions that allow the body and spine to heal and strengthen naturally. Utilizing numerous modalities, the optimal wellness plan can be designed to align with your unique injury, needs, and abilities. 

If back pain occurs after a car accident, visiting your local chiropractor can be of significant value, giving you peace of mind as you promote an efficient and organic healing process. 


This article discusses the following:

• Common auto accident injuries that cause back pain

• Natural at-home remedies to help with back pain after a collision

• Chiropractic solutions to help end back discomfort 

• The benefits of chiropractic after a car accident


Let’s get to it…


Auto Accident Injuries That Cause Back Pain

Back pain related to your auto accident runs the gamut when it comes to injuries and severities. The exact same accident can cause completely different imbalances for different people. 

While it’s difficult to say what will happen to your body when involved in a trauma, several typical injuries can occur during an accident that chiropractic care can help remedy.


Common back pain-related injuries after an auto accident include:

• Whiplash

• Herniated disc

• Sprains and strains

• Inflammation

• Sciatica

• Soft tissue injury

• Shoulder injury 


Because chiropractors understand the connectivity between the joints and soft tissues (the musculoskeletal system) and the spine, they can quickly determine what’s causing your pain and create a successful treatment strategy to get you healthy and moving without restriction. 


At-Home Remedies to Help End Back Pain from an Auto Accident

Some who experience an auto accident choose not to seek chiropractic care immediately. That may be due to the adrenaline blocking any discomfort, time, money, or pain that occurs slowly over time. 

Whatever the reason, if you have back pain after a collision, these natural, safe tips can help ease your pain until you get chiropractic treatment. 


Tip 1: Get quality rest and sleep

Rest is vital to your recovery. When we rest and sleep, our bodies are hard at work rejuvenating, restoring, and healing due to valuable increased circulation. 


Tip 2: Add ice and heat

While circulation is key to healing, it can also add to inflammation and swelling, so it’s important to get that controlled to reduce pain and improve movement. Ice reduces swelling by decreasing blood flow to the injury.

By contrast, heat will encourage blood, nutrients, and oxygen to move toward the affected area, as it soothes and relaxes muscles. Apply heat only after the ice has managed the swelling, which may take hours to days. 

Ice and heat can both be applied for 15 to 20 minutes per session, up to four times per day. Once inflammation is mitigated, switch between each for best results. 


Tip 3: Stretch, move, massage

Rest is essential; however, movement is too. Too much downtime can reduce flexibility and strength, not only where the injury is but in other areas as well. 

Gentle stretches and tissue manipulation increase circulation, support flexibility and range of motion, and help balance mental and emotional well-being. 

Always listen to your body; if pain worsens due to movement or other remedies, you should stop immediately. 


Seattle back pain specialistChiropractic Methods to Treat Back Pain Due to a Collision

Chiropractic care can deliver fantastic results through the body’s natural healing process. Often, the last thing you want after trauma are aggressive and invasive solutions if they’re not necessary. 

Your auto injury chiropractor will provide a program that helps you recover quickly and responsibly while offering several other benefits, as well. 


Common benefits of chiropractic after an auto accident include:

• Increased comfort

• Improved movement, range of motion, strength, and flexibility

• Improved joint, tissue, and spine health 

• Increased focus

• Improved sleep quality and relaxation

• Reduced mental stress

• Little to no downtime

• No reliance on pain medication


Chiropractors use various chiropractic services to improve body, spine, and back function, including:

Chiropractic adjustments

The Graston Technique 

Active Release Technique (ART) 

Kinesio taping   


Functional rehab  

• And more 


Utilizing numerous in-clinic techniques with complementary take-home guidance on posture, exercise, and lifestyle, you may be closer to back pain relief than you think.


Visit Tangelo for a Healthy Back & Spine  

Your car accident doesn’t have to take over your life. Get the help your body is asking for at Tangelo. Our chiropractors understand the importance of your active lifestyle, and we’re dedicated to your quick and streamlined recovery. 

Don’t let your back pain keep you from your everyday activities. Contact either of our Seattle or Portland chiropractic clinics today, and get the long-lasting back pain relief you deserve.