How Chiropractic Can Help Alleviate Headaches After a Car Accident

September 26, 2023

Headaches After a Car AccidentMost of us have experienced a headache or two in our lifetime, and while they’re very inconvenient and typically painful, they usually don’t amount to anything but some lost hours. That may not be the case for headaches that occur after you’ve been in a car accident, though.

No matter how minor, a collision can be traumatic to the body, especially the neck and head. With violent and sudden impact, the body may be forcefully thrust forward and back and even make contact with items in the car or an area of the vehicle itself, such as the steering wheel.

Working with a chiropractor can help relieve headaches after an auto accident with safe, non-invasive treatments


This post tells you:

• The common causes of headaches after an auto accident

• Kinds of headaches associated with car accident injuries

• The benefits of chiropractic care for headache relief after a car accident

• And more
If you’ve been in a vehicle accident and are experiencing headaches, contact your local chiropractor to get the proper, responsible care your body deserves after a trauma.


Causes of Car Accident-Related Headaches

You may get a headache after a car accident for several reasons, and not all of them are due to the physical event.


Common causes of headaches after a collision include:

• Trauma to the head from a physical connection with an item or the car

• Whiplash

Neck injuries

• Mental stress and anxiety

Disc herniation and other spinal injuries

• Sleep loss


These things may cause your headache to appear immediately, or they may show up hours or days later, but either way, you should never ignore them.

The most important thing to do after any accident is to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible. Chiropractic is often a great place to start, as its methods are gentle and don’t contribute to further damage to the body.


Types of Car Accident-Related Headaches

Your car accident may bring on different kinds of headaches directly related to the collision. For those who experience migraines or chronic headaches regularly, the accident can cause them to occur more often with more severity.


Common kinds of headaches after a car accident include:


Whiplash headaches

Perhaps the most common kind of headache after a vehicle collision is a whiplash headache. They occur due to the extreme and sudden force applied to the head and neck, causing a rapid forward and backward motion of the head and making the soft tissues stretch unnaturally.


Muscle strain and spasm headaches

When the head, neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles are vigorously extended, you may find yourself with muscle strain that can cause discomfort in the affected area, spasms, and strain-related headaches.


Disc herniation headaches

The spine runs from the lower back up through the neck and is often affected by a car accident. Discs in the cervical spine (the portion of the spine within the neck) may become herniated, and the pressure put on the nerve can lead to headaches.


Concussion headaches

Concussion headaches can be severe and are related to a brain injury. These injuries are due to the brain making impact with the skull and causing bruising, which often brings headaches with it.

Ensuring your body is safe after your accident is essential. Whether you have a headache or any other pain, you should make an appointment with your chiropractor so they can provide a comprehensive evaluation sooner rather than later.

From whiplash to muscle injuries to disc herniations, your headaches and any other symptoms will diminish once the underlying cause of your them is treated.


Visit Tangelo & Get Chiropractic to Relieve Headaches After an Auto Accident

Chiropractic for Headaches After a Car AccidentChiropractic services are conservative, nurturing the body’s organic healing process. While surgery and pain medication may be necessary in some cases, it’s best to avoid these aggressive treatments if possible.

Our Tangelo team has seen firsthand how chiropractic has helped those suffering from headaches after a collision. We will discuss your accident and pain points before providing a physical assessment of the body. Once we know where your imbalances and injuries are, we can determine a healing treatment unique to your needs.


Some of the chiropractic services we offer that can help alleviate headaches include:

Chiropractic adjustments

Kinesiology taping

• Soft tissue therapies

• Exercises and stretches

Functional rehabilitation

• And others


Our solutions provide our patients with many benefits, including:

• Improved comfort

• Fast results

• Little to no downtime

• Improved overall well-being

• Reduced stress

• Assurance of a fully functioning and balanced body

• Improved sleep quality and relaxation

• Guidance on maintaining your good results


Don’t let your car accident take control. We’re ready to get you better, stronger, and headache-free starting now; book today.