Types of Headaches and How Chiropractic Can Help

February 01, 2022

chiropractic care for headaches Headaches can terrorize, monopolize, and polarize your day. Even the small, dull headache can make looking at a computer screen difficult, light off-putting, and noises hard to handle. Often, slight headaches carry stress, which can easily make that headache bigger. 

Whether headaches are part of your everyday life or come on sporadically, are overwhelming, or minor, the natural healing process of chiropractic care can help. 


Today we’ll tell you all about headaches, going over:

• Types of headaches

• Chiropractic care for headaches 

• At-home remedies for headaches


At Tangelo, we believe educating our patients and those suffering from headaches is the best place to start. 

So, let’s begin…


headachesTypes of Headaches

You may think a headache is simply a headache and not really pay it any more attention. But in reality, there are numerous kinds of headaches, each offering different symptoms. In this post, we will discuss the four most common headache types with you.


Migraine headaches 

You’ve likely heard someone say that they have a migraine; maybe you’ve even said it yourself. The fact is, migraines are incredibly severe, causing much pain, and can last several days to several weeks. 

When someone is experiencing a migraine, relief is hard to find. Over-the-counter medication is usually not strong enough to help, sleep is very difficult, appetite is lost, and everyday routines are significantly compromised. In many cases, a dark, quiet room is the only recourse for the bare minimum comfort. 


Migraine headache triggers include:

• Sleep deprivation

• Food or water deprivation

• Stress


Migraine headache symptoms include:

• Significant pain, usually on one side of the head

• Sharp, unrelenting pain

• Visual disruption 

• Inability to sleep


Tension headaches 

Tension headaches are the most common kind of headache and will affect the majority of us at some point. The pain caused by a tension headache is much less significant than a migraine, and it can last several hours to several days. However, the discomfort can be managed somewhat easily. 

Over-the-counter medication is often used to help with the pain, but this tactic doesn’t cure the headache; it simply hides the pain for a period of time. At Tangelo, we think it’s best to fix the pain at the core, not cover it up.


Tension headache triggers include:

• Sleep deprivation

• Stress

• Emotional distress

• Poor posture 


Tension headache symptoms include:

• Moderate pain on both sides of the head

• Moderate pain in the back and sides of the neck

• Muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders

• Muscle pain

• Tension in the neck and shoulders


Cluster headaches

Intense headaches that keep occurring over several weeks are known as cluster headaches. The good news is that they generally only last for a few hours per episode, but the bad news is that they happen often, without warning, and are extremely painful. 

Cluster headache triggers are unknown; however, they may be caused by abnormalities in the body’s biological clock (hypothalamus). Triggers after the cluster headaches begin include alcohol and nicotine. 


Cluster headache symptoms include:

• Highly severe pain on one side of the head

• Burning pain in, behind, or around the eye

• Pain radiating from eye area to face, head, or neck

• Tearing eyes

• Redness of the affected eye


Sinus headaches

When pressure builds up in the sinuses, a sinus headache is often the result. These headaches typically occur during seasonal changes. Allergy medicine can help with the pain caused by a sinus headache. 


Sinus headache triggers include:

• Change of seasons causing allergies 

• Infection to the sinuses 


Sinus headache symptoms include:

• Severe congestion 

• Pain and pressure in the front of the head, cheeks, or forehead

• Earaches 

• Fatigue


chiropractic care for headaches Chiropractic Care To Help Your Headaches

As you now know, headaches come in various severities and are caused by various activities and events. That said, they all have pain in common, and no one wants to live with pain, no matter the severity or length of time. 

Luckily, Tangelo’s chiropractic care can reduce your headache frequency and intensity at the core. Our services are non-invasive, organic, and effective. 


Chiropractic adjustments to treat your headaches

Poor posture, stress, and soft tissue damage can all lead to headaches. Chiropractic adjustments applied to specific joints using a manual thrust will align the body, providing balance and allowing the body to function properly. This technique can help relieve headaches quickly and safely. 


The Graston Technique to treat your headaches 

Using tools designed to aid in soft tissue manipulation, we will help the body find its full function, alleviate undue pressure and stress, and rid the body of inflammation that can lead to chronic headaches. 


Tape to treat your headaches 

A specially designed tape, such as RockTape, that lifts the skin and creates better blood and oxygen flow can be applied to the body. This solution reduces headaches by adjusting muscles that are provoking stress, relieving tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. 


Cupping to treat your headaches

We will use handheld cups that provide suction to the skin, easing the tension that can cause headaches and allowing blood to flow freely. This results in fewer and less severe headaches. 


Functional rehabilitation therapy to treat your headaches 

Exercises, stretching, and strengthening will help the body establish good posture and balance, increase mobility and function, and keep you from pain. Our team will design a plan that helps to support you and rid you of your headaches. 


At-Home Headache Remedies 

When you combine at-home remedies with our in-office solutions, your body will heal faster and smarter.

Our team is ready to give you some proactive techniques to dissipate your headaches. Because every patient differs, not all of the remedies listed below will be for your unique needs; however, many may help. We invite you to speak with us prior to trying out new headache remedies.


Some at-home solutions for your headaches include:

• Rest in a dark, quiet room

• Hot or cold application to the affected area

• Hydrate

• Exercise

• Practice relaxation

• Take some caffeine (in small doses)

• Take some ginger

• Massage 

• Dim the lights 

• Stay off devices


The Takeaway

Headaches don’t have to be part of your life. Non-invasive, holistic chiropractic services can help make your headaches a thing of the past, and you can get to enjoying your life again.

Don’t wait another day to start doing the things you love. Let’s get rid of your headaches for good; book now.