Joint Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms &Treatments

February 15, 2022

Joint inflammation is one of the leading reasons patients visit our Seattle and Portland chiropractic clinics. Because it’s so prevalent, providing effective, safe solutions is important to us. 

joint inflammation relief We want our patients to feel confident with their body and how it works, and we understand that your active lifestyle is vital to your health. Joint inflammation doesn’t have to hold you back from doing the things you love. 

Today we’ll go over the causes, symptoms, and treatments for joint inflammation so you can run that race, hike that mountain, lift those weights, and everything in between. 


Leading Causes of Joint Inflammation

Joint inflammation occurs when either the immune system or an injured tissue causes the joint to swell. 

When the immune system detects damage, it allows blood vessels surrounding the injury to dilate so more blood can get to the injury. It will also send white blood cells to the injured area to help stave off further injury and support healing. However, in doing so, inflammation of the area will occur. While this inflammation is good for a short period of time, if it lasts too long, the joint can become damaged. 

Both an injury to the joint or certain medical conditions can cause joint inflammation. In some cases, only one joint is affected, but depending on what caused the damage, the condition can affect several joints. 


Some of the leading causes of joint inflammation include:

• Injuries: car accident, sporting or athletic accident, joint overuse or misuse

• Medical: inflammatory arthritis 


Joint inflammation is a natural response to bodily injury or infection, but when it causes disruptions in your everyday life, it’s important to get safe, non-invasive help so as not to harm the joint. Our chiropractors will find a smart remedy that services the root cause, healing your body. 


Leading Symptoms of Joint Inflammation

There are various symptoms that could mean you have joint inflammation, including:

• Swollen joint(s) or bulging joint(s)

• Pain in the joint(s): throbbing or dull

• Hot or burning joint(s)

• Stiff joint(s)

• Achy joint(s)

• Sore joint(s)

• Redness in the joint(s)

• Loss of joint function, difficulty moving the joint 


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, visiting a chiropractor can be of benefit. The organic care provided by our team will minimize your discomfort quickly. The goal is to get you living life to the fullest- fast! 


Treatments for Joint Inflammation

joint pain

While joint inflammation can cause much pain and seem severe, finding relief is only a click away. Our chiropractic care professionals have the experience and techniques to get to the root of your symptoms and heal your pain at the source. 

Some of our solutions include: 


Chiropractic adjustments to treat your joint inflammation

Chiropractic adjustments will help to align and balance the body, which minimizes pain and provides full function for the affected joints. 


The Graston Technique to treat your joint inflammation

This solution uses specific chiropractic tools to aid in adjustments, helping to target joints that are in need of repair and rid the body of inflammation. 


RockTape to treat your joint inflammation

This tape is specifically created to encourage blood flow so inflammation naturally subsides. RockTape will quickly reduce pain and increase mobilization in affected joints. 


Cupping to treat your joint inflammation

Cupping is a treatment that offers anti-inflammatory benefits by lifting the skin and allowing better blood flow. It will reduce the discomfort that joint inflammation brings and helps with both chronic and acute inflammation issues. 


Functional rehabilitation therapy to treat your joint inflammation

We will create an exercise and rehabilitation program that helps perfect your joint movement, increase your muscle strength, and improve overall body function and balance. 


At-Home Joint Inflammation Remedies 

At Tangelo, we understand that combining our office care with take-home remedies will increase the benefits of our services and help you heal faster. Let us put a plan in place that offers you a safe, efficient recovery. 


Some at-home solutions for your joint inflammation include:

• Rest 

• Ice

• Exercise

• Elevate

• Compress

• Massage 

• Heat

• Stay off devices


The Takeaway

Joint inflammation can be painful and cause a break in your active routine, but our comprehensive, non-invasive chiropractic solutions can help.

Let’s get started today so you can get back to doing the things you love, book now.