Get Optimal Neck Health with the Benefits of Chiropractic

March 14, 2023

Get Optimal Neck Health with the Benefits of ChiropracticNeck pain can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle. Its causes run the gamut and can include anything from scrolling on your phone for excessive periods to a car accident to overuse due to sports. 

Finding neck comfort is critical, whether your pain is mild or intense because even slight discomfort can interfere with your daily routine. Chiropractic care is considered one of the safest and most effective ways to get a strong, healthy neck that can support the multiple demands placed on it.


This article goes over the following:

• Why chiropractic is a great way to end neck pain

• Symptoms associated with neck pain 

• Chiropractic techniques to end neck pain

• Benefits of chiropractic care

• Tips to end neck pain now

• And more


If you’re experiencing neck discomfort, learn ways to end it fast by reading on. 


Why You Should Turn to Chiropractic for Neck Pain Care

The cervical spine is the part of the spine found in the neck, it has a significant range of motion, and without its proper function, many of our everyday movements are hindered. 

Chiropractors specialize in caring for the soft tissues, joints, and spine and use non-invasive, natural methods to enhance overall wellness in each unique patient. Chiropractic offers many solutions that end pain by healing what’s causing it. 

Whether the cervical spine is out of alignment or pressure is being placed on soft tissues, a proper diagnosis of your injury will ensure you get the right treatment plan. 

With a holistic chiropractic approach, patients often find fast comfort, restored function and mobility, and increased energy so they can work, sleep, socialize, and exercise safely and painlessly without relying on pain medication. 


Chiropractors can end many symptoms associated with a neck injury, including:

• Dull, piercing, and radiating pain

• Loss of range of motion

• Inability to sleep comfortably 

• Inability to perform daily tasks

• Inability to focus or perform 

• Stress and anxiety 


Are Chiropractic Techniques Safe for Neck Pain?

Chiropractors have several solutions that can effectively, safely, and gently treat neck pain and injuries associated with neck pain. 

From sprains and strains to whiplash to a herniated disc to a chronic injury, chiropractic has the optimal methods to end your pain and restore your neck’s health and function. While each patient is different, in many cases, you’ll feel immediate relief after a treatment. 

Allowing your body to find balance through its natural healing is a responsible way to keep you away from aggressive medical practices that can cause significant downtime and lead to other dysfunctions. 


Chiropractic services to treat neck pain include:

• Chiropractic adjustments– a quick, controlled, and highly targeted thrust to an affected area of the spine will restore placement 

• Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization– using instruments to aid in soft tissue restoration and healing, we can end restrictions and promote the proper range of motion  

• Functional rehabilitation– customized exercises and stretches that work well with other services to help you meet your health goals quickly and safely, as strength is built

• Lifestyle guidance- education regarding several aspects of life, including postural support, workstation setup, warm-ups and cooldowns, ergonomics, and more so you can keep the results obtained in our clinic and further support your body

• And more


The patient’s safety is always put first, and chiropractors often design plans that utilize at least one modality to get faster results, along with take-home exercises and stretches to maximize body health and strength. 


Steps to help decrease your neck discomfort right now:

• Gently stretch the neck muscles: carve a line with your nose down, up, and side to side

• Rotate the neck

• Get off the device

• Support your neck with the proper sleeping pillows

• Perfect your posture

• Get up and move around if you’ve been sitting for a long period

• Ensure you lift properly 

• Do some yoga for the spine

• Apply ice to the neck

• Sit if you’ve been standing for a long period


When in pain, the body is communicating that it needs help, so while these tips may help you find short-term relief, you should talk with your local chiropractor as soon as possible to make sure you get the proper care for your injury. 


Whiplash Treatment

As discussed, neck pain can be due to a number of injuries and lifestyle choices, but one of the most common reasons for neck pain is whiplash. Most associate whiplash with a car accident; however, it can occur for other reasons as well.

Whiplash happens when the head is suddenly and violently forced forward and back. The soft tissues of the neck are stretched and strained to unnatural levels causing irritation, imbalance, and dysfunction.

At Tangelo, we work with many whiplash patients and can improve their neck’s comfort, motion, and stability so they can focus on other matters. 


Chiropractic for Neck PainBenefits of Chiropractic for Neck Pain

Chiropractic care can provide several benefits for people suffering from neck pain, and not all are physical. 


Some benefits of chiropractic care include:

• Relief from pain 

• Non-invasive, fast results

• Improved range of motion

• Improved spine, joint, and soft tissue health

• Improved movement patterns 

• Improved posture 

• Improved energy 

• Improved sleep quality and focus

• Decreased stress


Let Us Help End Your Neck Pain for Good

With so many reasons to partner with our chiropractic team for your neck and spine health, why not get started now? Tangelo offers an energetic and personal experience that gets you pain-free and living actively quickly. 

We know your quality of life is impaired. Let our chiropractors and therapists help. Contact one of our Seattle locations or our Portland clinic today