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Active Release Techniques® (ART) are widely used to relieve pain and increase mobility for people ranging from elite athletes to business professionals.

The Active Release Techniques® is a hands-on, manual therapy technique. It releases nerves and blood vessels that have become trapped or stuck beneath adhesions within muscle tissue.

Because scar tissue and other adhesions build up around overused or injured muscles, the muscles eventually become weaker, which can negatively impact the function and movement of the joints.

Active Release Techniques® use various movements and manipulations to relieve compression and increase blood supply, thereby increasing movement and reducing pain and a whole host of other symptoms.

Limited range of motion, pain, tension, weakness, numbness, and tingling are just some of the symptoms associated with soft tissue injuries created by scar tissue. The Active Release Techniques,® performed by Tangelo’s team of specially-certified ART therapists, aim at diagnosing and treating soft tissue injuries and their associated symptoms.

Active Release Techniques® are comprised of many different types and methods. Depending on the specific condition and need, your doctor may incorporate elements of deep tissue massage, acupressure, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and nerve flossing. Through training and experience, ART techniques deliver excellent results for a wide range of muscle and soft tissue injuries and issues.

The team at Tangelo’s Fremont clinic can help you get out of pain and regain mobility. If you’re in the Portland area, please book an appointment at our Seattle - Fremont clinic to get started with Active Release Techniques.

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The Tangelo method is entirely unique. We draw from a fusion of leading methods to create custom manual therapy + movement treatment plans tailored to you and your goals.

Our method includes components from multiple leading pain relief and functional rehabilitation modalities.