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Graston Technique® | Seattle - fremont

Graston speeds up recovery time, and breaks down scare tissue.


The Graston Technique® is an innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

The technique utilizes stainless steel instruments designed specifically to detect and effectively treat injured areas with soft tissue build up or chronic inflammation.

Graston Technique® is used to effectively break down scar tissue and restrictions or adhesions in the muscle fascia. The technique utilizes instruments designed to detect and effectively treat areas with soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

Graston Technique® is effective because it provides controlled microtrauma to affected soft tissue structures. The technique stimulates a local inflammatory response, which leads to the remodeling and repairing of affected soft tissues. The instruments allow doctors to precisely identify and treat specific areas.

Service with the Graston Technique® is conducted in association with a rehabilitation program designed to restore patients to their pre-injury level of activity by implementing a functional progression program, which focuses on imbalances throughout the kinetic chain. Flexibility, strengthening, and muscle re-education to provide optimal results within a minimal number of service sessions.

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