What Happens When You Throw Your Back Out?

March 22, 2022

Chiropractors worldwide are asked this question weekly: I’ve thrown my back out, can a chiropractor help?

The short answer: yes.

We work with patients of all ages and physical abilities to help provide support after they’ve injured their lower back.

Today, we’ll discuss what happens when you throw your back out and how a chiropractic care plan can significantly increase your comfort as it mends the root cause of your pain. 


What is a Thrown Out Back, and Do I Have One? 

When you throw out your back, you generally feel lumbar (lower back) pain that’s brought on suddenly. This can happen while performing an activity, after performing an activity, or after an accident of various kinds. 


Throw Your Back OutThe low back muscles will quickly feel affected and cause the patient to feel discomfort.


Causes include:

• Muscle strain

• Muscle tears

• Ligament tears

• Compression of nerve root

• Herniated disc 

• Compromised spinal joints


If you suddenly experience lower back pain, you may have thrown your back out due to one or more of the following reasons:

• Improperly twisting the back 

• Improperly lifting

• Poor posture habits

• Pushing the back muscles too far


All of these can negatively impact the soft tissues, joints, and ligaments in the lower back and affect your daily routine if not properly treated.


You may feel any of the following symptoms if you’ve thrown out your back:

• Low back stiffness

• Loss of range of motion or flexibility

• Pain in the lower back

• Muscle spasms

So, how can a chiropractor help with a thrown our back?

When you visit a chiropractor for your thrown out back, you receive safe, non-invasive solutions that balance your body so it can fully support you.

Getting treatment as soon as possible will help keep an acute injury from turning into chronic pain. 


Chiropractic Solutions for Your Thrown Out Back

back pain in west SeattleChiropractic services allow the body to heal itself as it was designed to. Our teams provide gentle but effective treatments that enable the body’s natural healing process.

We are dedicated to your safe, quick recovery and have various holistic techniques to restore your back and give you relief. 

Manual therapy: Utilizing an array of manual techniques, we’ll help improve the range of motion in the lower back for better, safer movement and flexibility 

Active Release Techniques (ART): Manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissues in the lower back will help with blood and oxygen flow and relieve discomfort

Functional rehabilitation: After we define the cause of the injury, we’ll restore proper function, including posture that can prohibit healing through rehabilitating services 

Exercise and stretches: At-home programs will be provided that promote good health and strengthening to help the body heal faster and maintain good health going forward 

Acupuncture: Offered in Green Lake, this technique helps with circulation, offers relief from muscle and joint tension, and offers relaxation to the body and mind


Our chiropractic solutions for back pain are reliable and proven. We know that prevention is always the best policy and will determine a beneficial wellness plan that supports your health goals for a smarter, more responsible future. 

Whether you had a weightlifting mishap or an aggressive sneeze, your thrown out back can use the help and guidance of chiropractic care.

Our Seattle chiropractic clinics and our Portland chiropractic clinic are eager to get you out there living life again, so why wait another second? 

Book your appointment today and let’s manage your lower back pain; you deserve to live in comfort.