What to Expect When Visiting a Sports Injury Chiropractor

June 13, 2023

sports chiropracticInjuries are always a bummer, even when you’re not involved in sports, athletics, or regular physical activity of any kind. However, for the sportspeople out there, injuries can prevent you from competing, racing, playing, or anything else you’ve set your mind to accomplish. 

For those who spend their time preparing with lofty hopes of reaching lofty goals, you put your body through the wringer, placing significant demands upon it. It’s only fair you give your body support in return. 

Receiving treatment with a sports chiropractor can help get you pain-free, but it also offers numerous other advantages to help you succeed at your athletics, and this post is telling you about them.


Sports Chiropractors Can Reduce Pain & Get Your Body Safe

Working with a chiropractor for your sports injury ensures you get a comprehensive approach to care with safe, non-invasive solutions. Sports chiropractors specialize in treating and rehabilitating acute and chronic muscle, bone, and joint-related discomforts and conditions. 

With treatments designed around your individual injuries, needs, and goals, you get the optimal care for your pain, treating the dysfunction, never focusing solely on the symptoms. This allows for reliable and lasting results at the source of your pain.


Chiropractic solutions are great for active people, including those who:

• Want to reduce their risk of surgery or other aggressive medical treatments

• Don’t want to rely on pain medication

• Can’t afford significant downtime 

• Need fast, decisive solutions


Helping the body heal naturally by fixing damages to the spine, soft tissues, and joints encourages effective pain reduction by getting your body fully, safely, and properly functioning.  


Sports Chiropractors Offer Preventative Care 

It’s important to recognize that the first line of defense is to simply not get injured. Of course, there’s no way to guarantee that, but with the right chiropractic preventative care plan, you can reduce your risk of injury and pain. 

Your sports chiropractor understands what you need to maximize your potential and will provide care to help you thrive before, during, and after events, contributing to your body’s protection at all times. 


Chiropractors can help with this by offering several sports-related necessities, including:

• Strengthening and conditioning programs

• Flexibility improvement 

• Proper movement patterns, lifting techniques, and postural insight

• Reduced mental stress and relaxation methods 


Strong bodies need strong minds, and when you’re confident that your body will support the rigors you put it through, the mind can stay clear and focused. Proactive chiropractic care can help you achieve that.


Sports Chiropractors Provide Helpful Guidance

Sports chiropractors have extensive knowledge of the athletic body and how to help optimize it. With the right insight into your unique goals, you’ll find excellent guidance to help you achieve them. 


Your chiropractor can help with several aspects of event preparation, including:

• The best training techniques for your activity 

• Endurance solutions

• Helping you achieve peak performance levels 

• Warm-up and cool-down advice

• Mindset, focus, and stress relief 

• And more


From the importance of sleep and rest to how to push through challenges, working with a sports injury chiropractor will benefit you and your athletic objectives. 


Sports Chiropractors Help Restore the Body After an Event 

The way you treat your body after an event is just as important as the training part. Rehab after exertion ensures your body gets the care it needs, whether that’s injury treatment, relaxation treatment, or anything in between. 

You want to stay strong and healthy for the next round, so don’t underestimate the importance of rehabilitative chiropractic care


Sports rehab has many benefits, including:

• Advancement in strengthening and correct movement 

• Improved range of motion

• Enhanced stability and balance

• Recovery advice


Your body has worked really hard for you; give it the care it deserves. 


Visit Tangelo for Your Sports Chiropractic Care

West Seattle Kinesio TapingDon’t let all the hard work and dedication you’ve put in go unnecessary due to an injury. We’ll help you get back in action safely so you can continue doing the things you love. Our sports chiropractors are every bit as dedicated to your success as you are. 


We provide several chiropractic solutions to help you heal, develop, and prosper through your physical journey, including:

Chiropractic Adjustments

The Graston Technique 

Active Release Technique (ART) 

Kinesio Taping    


Functional Rehab  

• And more 


We’re prepared to walk beside you through this commitment using proven in-clinic treatments, expert guidance, strengthening tactics, and a genuine devotion to all you hope to achieve. 

Ready to exceed your expectations? There’s no better time to start; contact either of our Seattle chiropractic clinics or our Portland chiropractic clinic today. Whether you have an injury, want to prevent one, or want to strategize your performance, let’s do it.