Why Do Women Get Low Back Pain?

October 04, 2022

Why Do Women Get Low Back Pain?Low back pain can affect anyone: old or young, active or inactive, desk worker or construction worker. However, according to the National Library of Medicine, women are more susceptible to lower back pain. 

At Tangelo, we work with women in all stages of life and with vastly different lifestyles, and we’ve seen low back pain play a significant role in their quality of life. 

Understanding why women have low back pain and who among them is more prone to it will help determine the chiropractic solutions and education necessary to end lower back pain in women and keep it away.


In this post, we’ll go over:

• Reasons women have lower back pain

• Symptoms of low back pain

• Women likely to have lower back pain

• Chiropractic solutions to lower back pain in women

• And more


If you’re a woman suffering from low back pain and wondering what to do, this post is for you. 


Why Women Get Lower Back Pain

Women experience lower back pain for many reasons; some are dysfunctions that affect females only, and others get lower back for the same reasons men do. 


Common reasons for back pain in both women and men include:

• Poor posture

• Lifestyle (athlete or sedentary)

• Poor ergonomics 

• Past injury (sports, car accident, fall, etc.)

• Improper lifting techniques

• Illness (such as degenerative disc disease and sciatica) 

• Muscle overuse


But why are we seeing so many more women with low back pain in our clinic? The female reproductive anatomy is intricate and does tremendous things, but with that, injury can arise. And while reproductive anatomy isn’t the only reason women get lower back pain, it’s a leading contributor. 


Some specific reasons women may have low back pain include:

• Pregnancy or weight gain

• Childbirth

• Tendency to hold children on one side 

• Menstrual cycle

• Menopause

• Hormonal imbalance 

• Carrying bags and purses on one side

• Stress and insomnia 

• Degenerative spinal conditions

• Muscle and soft tissue weakness


All of these can affect women differently, but getting help at the first sign of discomfort is always the best move. 


Symptoms of Lower Back in Women

Chiropractors and rehab specialists understand how the musculoskeletal system and the spine work. They have extensive education on the many ways to provide safe, natural resolution to lower back pain of all kinds and severities. 


Some common symptoms of lower back pain in females include:

• Dull ache in the low back

• Stiffness 

• Loss of motion or flexibility of the back

• Low back pain while at rest or sitting at your workstation

• Inability to sleep due to discomfort 

• Sharp pain 

• Radiating pain spreading to hips or upper back

• Muscle spasms 


No matter how your lower back pain is affecting you, there may be some fast-working remedies to help once we know exactly where your back pain is coming from and why it’s happening.


Women Who Get Low Back Pain

Like with most pain, lower back pain can affect almost any kind of person for a myriad of reasons. The condition may be the same for several women, but how they got it and the way they experience it can differ significantly.


Women who get low back pain include:

• Those who work at a desk 

• Athletes

• Those who lift incorrectly 

• Those who work on their feet 

• Those who wear improper shoes

• Those with poor posture

• Those with improperly healed injuries 

• Post-menopausal women 

• Those who have PMS

• Those under mental or emotional duress 


The truth is, all kinds of women have lower back pain, and it’s important to have it checked out. Back and spine health are essential to your balance, movement patterns, sleep quality, and so much more. 


Chiropractic Solutions for Lower Back Pain

Active Release Technique in Seattle WAChiropractic treatments are a leading solution for anyone experiencing lower back pain. The services are safe, natural, and holistic, with a body-centric approach. Determining the cause of your lower back pain is critical to your healthy healing process, and a chiropractor has the methods to ensure your condition is treated the right way.


Some chiropractic solutions for low back pain in women include:

• Chiropractic adjustments- a quick thrust to a targeted joint that aligns the spine

• The Graston Technique– tools that help remove scar tissue and inflammation 

• Cupping– cups placed on the skin over affected areas to improve circulation and repair soft tissues

• Functional rehab therapy– exercises and stretches designed for your unique needs 


Some at-home remedies for low back pain include:

• Stay active, keep moving

• Stretch your lower back  

• Watch your posture

• Alternate ice and heat

• Put a pillow under your pelvis while lying down


We don’t want you in our clinic for one second longer than necessary. When partnered together, we’ll help you manage your lower back pain and provide you advice and education on how to keep your back and spine healthy. 


The Takeaway

Living with lower back pain is not helping you lead the life you want. Whether you need to run a marathon next month, pick up your baby, or work in comfort, our Portland and Seattle chiropractic clinics are here. We provide care for women just like you. You know the importance of your healthy body; let’s make it happen. 

Contact our team, and get in front of your pain today.