3 Chiropractor Approved Neck Stretches

May 09, 2023

3 Chiropractor Approved Neck StretchesToday, we’re diving into the prevalent issue of neck tightness and exploring its primary cause.

You might not be shocked to discover that our modern technology habits are wreaking havoc on our necks. While constantly searching for tips and stretches to alleviate neck tension, we’re inadvertently contributing to the problem. In this post, we’re here to help you break the cycle and offer practical solutions to tackle neck tightness once and for all.

We’ll discuss three effective stretches that focus on the right muscle groups, along with alternative treatment options, such as chiropractic care.

So, buckle up and prepare to bid farewell to your nagging neck discomfort as we delve into the stretches and techniques that can make all the difference.

And remember, consistency is key to achieving lasting relief!


What Causes Neck Tightness

Neck tightness is an affliction that’s affecting more and more of us every day. The culprit is simple, but the solution, while practical and effective, seems to be lost on us.

Yes, let me get right to it and say that looking down at our phones all day is hurting our necks.


I bet not.

It’s a little ironic, isn’t it, that scrolling through exercises, stretches, and tips to help alleviate neck tension is actually feeding your neck tension.

Well, I have some good news for you. If you heed my advice, this will be the last time you will need to search for stretches to release that tension in your upper back, shoulders, and neck.

But before I go any further, if you’ve been stretching and it’s just not helping, then I think it’s time to pivot and change directions.

In addition to offering the best customized physical rehab program in Seattle and Portland – Tangelo also offers proven modalities such as chiropractic, active release techniques, cupping, and the Graston technique. All aimed to reduce tension and pain and give you the tools to keep it from coming back.


Stretch #1: Scalene and Platysma Stretch

While neck tension is typically associated with stiffness and pain along the back of the neck, our common sense tells us that’s where we need to stretch.

So we do stretches like the Upper Trap stretch. We have nothing against this stretch, but the reality is that when you are looking down at your phone or tablet, your upper traps are already in a state of stretch.

So what good will it do to stretch out muscles that are already stretched? Maybe that’s part of the problem.

Instead, you want to work on stretching muscles that are in a shorted state, such as your scalenes, SCM, and platysma. Give these stretches a try.

I think you will feel a different sensation and hopefully relieve that the standard back of the neck stretch wasn’t giving you.


Stretch #2: Pec Stretch

One of the precursors to neck stiffness is rounded shoulders caused by poor posture. We live our lives with our hands on phones, steering wheels, and keyboards.

Either way, our hands are in front of us. When we are in this position, our pecs (chest muscles) are in a shortened state, and unless we do something about it, they’ll want to stay that way.

This leads to rounded shoulders and a forward head posture, which can insidiously lead to tightness in the neck and a reduction in your mobility.


Stretch #3: Prayer Stretch

This is one of our favorites and one you will really enjoy. This stretch aims to unlock and improve your mobility in your thoracic spine. Improving movement in these sections of your spine allows your shoulders to sit back in a better position and help improve forward head posture, and as we discussed earlier, will help reduce tension in the beck.

The video shows us doing it with a down, but you can easily omit the dowel and clasp your hands together instead (i.e. prayer position).


Consistency is key

Remember, the best stretch and exercise is the one you do consistently.

If you are new to these stretches, great! Give them a try, and I hope they provide some relief for you.

However, as I said earlier if your feel that simply stretching is not providing you with the relief you need, then it might be time to try a different approach.

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