How Chiropractic Care Can Help With Stress Management

April 26, 2022

stress reliefUnfortunately, there’s no cap on the amount of stress we can feel. In today’s world, tensions run high, and stress plays an integral role in how we handle ourselves, our mood, our physical and mental well-being, and our ability to live happy, engaged, and productive lives. 

The good news is that chiropractic care can minimize your stress and help you get back to your positive, constructive routine through its safe, non-invasive, established methods and techniques. 

Today, we’ll tell you how… 


Can a Chiropractor Help With Stress?

Chiropractors are generally known for relieving back, neck, and hip pain; however, we do much more than that. Chiropractic care can significantly reduce the symptoms you experience due to chronic stress and has been proven to lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety, and help with depression. 

The issue with stress is that it often runs in a cycle. We can get stressed from emotional trauma that leads to physical problems or physical problems that lead to emotional trauma. Once either scenario starts, it can escalate both the physical and emotional aspects. 

The natural treatments provided at our Seattle and Portland chiropractic clinics calm the nervous system, allowing you to relax and body tensions to soothe. When the body is in a state of injury, it affects us mentally and emotionally as well, so encouraging a balanced nervous system is important to finding stress relief. 


What is the nervous system?

Stress can aggravate every part of your body and mind. When the spinal column is injured, it directly affects the nervous system, which makes up your brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

The nervous system controls much of what we do, including:

• Walking

• Talking

• Breathing

• Reacting 

• And much more


However, it also controls how we think and feel and how the body responds when in an intense interaction or emergency. 

So, what’s this tell us? When the nervous system isn’t functioning correctly, it makes doing everyday activities and having appropriate responses more difficult. And, yes, that’s stressful. 

When you add chiropractic care to your wellness arsenal, it can not only help with your current stress but can also help stave it off in the future. 


How Can Chiropractic Care Help Manage My Stress?

Adjustments to the spine release tension, which immediately reduces stress because the body can find its natural state of calm. Once the spine is in its proper placement, the nervous system will reestablish its full, correct function. You will think, feel, and react with more confidence and rationality. 


Working with chiropractic professionals will provide several stress-related benefits, including:

• Minimize muscle and soft tissue tensions

• Improve the body’s overall function

• Provide proactive tips regarding exercise, nutrition, relaxation, and sleep

• Restore the nervous system

• Reduce pain, ridding you of the mental and emotional effects it caused 

• Provide safe, organic solutions that increase comfort, performance, and energy

• And more


Portland ARTTangelo’s chiropractic solutions for stress

Chiropractic services help the body perform at its best, the way it’s designed. When the body supports you as it should, mental and emotional performance increases, decision-making is easier, reactions are more appropriate. All of this lends a hand to less stress. 

At Tangelo, we offer various holistic solutions that support a relaxed body and promote a strong nervous system. 


Manual therapy: Manual techniques that help improve range of motion in the back for improved and safe movement benefiting the function of the nervous system 

Active Release Techniques (ART): Manual manipulation of soft tissues in the back that aid in blood and oxygen flow as it relieves discomfort

Functional rehabilitation: Upon learning the nature of your discomfort, we’ll use various rehab techniques that promote healing

Exercise and stretches: Ongoing care and movement is vital to your health; we offer at-home programs that strengthen the body, allowing for faster healing and reliable overall body support going forward 

Acupuncture: Offered in Green Lake, this procedure supports good circulation, offers relief from muscle and joint tension, and offers relaxation to the body and mind, decreasing stress


Our chiropractic solutions for stress are reliable and available to you, no matter your age, activity level, or lifestyle. We want to support your health as best we can, and we understand the responsibility that comes with that. Let our Seattle chiropractic clinics and our Portland chiropractic clinic help you find the stress-free life you’ve been searching for.  

Book your appointment today, and let’s get your stress under control so you can live in comfort.