How Chiropractic Care Provides Relief for Sports Injuries

May 03, 2022

Sports injuries For those who are more active and enjoy participating in regular exercise or sports, injuries and discomfort are often chalked up to being a normal part of life.

When we consistently use our bodies for physical activities, repetitive stress and tension in specific areas can lead to:

• Overuse injuries

• Soft tissue or muscle injuries

• Joint injuries

• Muscle or joint weakness

• Strains and sprains

• And more


Chiropractic care is a great way to not only rid you of your discomfort but to help strengthen the body and prepare it to perform better, maximizing potential. 

In this post, we’ll go over how safe, effective chiropractic solutions can provide relief for your sports injury and contribute to your healthy, active lifestyle.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Active Patients 

Chiropractic treatments offer a tremendous resource to those who want non-invasive treatments that enhance performance as they heal the body. Many patients who come to Tangelo prioritize nourishing, natural habits that nurture overall wellness, understanding the significant support chiropractic offers. 


The benefits of chiropractic solutions are plenty, including:

• Pain management

• Faster recovery with minimal or no downtime

• No reliance on pain medications that cover pain but don’t remedy it

• Comprehensive well-being

• Strengthening of body and mind

• Stress and tension relief in body and mind

• Better sleep quality

• Enhanced mobility, flexibility, and movement patterns 

• And more


Not only does chiropractic care benefit the pain points and discomforts caused by your activities, but it also offers preventative care and proactive wellness. Many sports-people visit a chiropractor before an event to improve their efficiency and after an event to support the body with reestablished balance and restoration. 


Some athletic and competitive athletes that chiropractic care will help include: 

• Hikers

• Runners

• Triathletes

• Rock climbers

• Swimmers

• Cyclists 

• Those training for an event

• Those injured training for or during an event 

• Skiers and snowboarders

• Youth and college athletes such as soccer players, tennis players, gymnasts, football players

• CrossFit and powerlifters 

• Exercise enthusiasts 

• And more


No matter your activity or sport, organic chiropractic care can help you succeed, reach and surpass goals, and keep you strong and healthy. 


functional rehabilitationWhy Sportspeople Need Chiropractic Services 

The care provided by a chiropractor is effective, quick, and long-lasting. It finds the source of your pain and mends it there, garnering strength and natural support that empowers the body. Active people who train for events don’t have the luxury of downtime or injury, or inconsistent preparation. 

The solutions found at your local chiropractor are proven to aid in active recovery and healing, allowing the body to find balance and ignite its natural, most effective state of being. Active patients utilize chiropractic care to heighten performance and maximize function. 


If you’re suffering from any of the following sports-related injuries, a chiropractor can help: 

• Back pain 

• Knee pain

Shoulder pain  


• Tennis or golfers elbow

• Achilles pain

• Shin splints

• Sprains and strains

• Headaches 

• Loss of range of motion

• Sore or weakened muscles or joints

• IT Band Syndrome

• Plantar fasciitis 

• Wrist pain

• And more


Finding reliable and responsible care for your pain will ensure your body gets the attention it needs. We know you don’t want to miss out on an event you’ve been preparing for; let chiropractic services help you reach your athletic goals. 


Chiropractic Solutions for Your Sports Injury

Finding the ultimate solutions for your unique needs is the best way to approach your physical performance. When the body is free from pain, the mind can stay focused and breed confidence. 

The professionals at Tangelo are ready to help you find a wellness plan that works for your body, activity level, and skill set.


Some of our holistic chiropractic and rehabilitative treatments include:

• Chiropractic adjustments to the spine 

• Selective Functional Movement Assessment

• RockTape

• Cupping  

• Functional rehabilitation exercises and stretches 

• And more


If you’re experiencing discomfort at any level and your athletic ability is at risk, the solution may be much easier than you anticipate. You don’t have to suffer. Chiropractic care is safe, non-invasive, and organic. 

Learn more about your options, contact our Seattle Fremont location, Green Lake location, West Seattle location, or our Portland Slabtown location, and let’s get you across the finish line.