Golfer’s Elbow: Getting back in the swing of things

January 12, 2021 Active Lifestyle Mobility

Golfer’s Elbow Treatment

Jack “Golden Bear” Nicklaus, otherwise known as the greatest golfer of all-time, said that if his forearms started to tense up when he was gripping the club, he knew he was gripping too tightly. 

Perhaps that’s one of the many insights that helped him avoid major injury during his illustrious career that concluded with a record 18 Major victories. 

Golden Bear never needed golfer’s elbow treatment, but if you do — that’s okay! We’re here to help.

What is Golfer’s Elbow?

Also known as medial epicondylitis, golfer’s elbow is commonly associated with pain along the inside of the elbow. This affliction which, left untreated, can cause additional discomfort in the forearm and even down into the wrist. 

While golfers are the athletes most well-known for experiencing this condition, golfer’s elbow can affect anyone who finds themself performing movements that loads and/or stresses the elbow. 

Do you think you have golfer’s elbow? Let’s look at how elbow pain treatment works.

Golfer’s Elbow Test

Testing is pretty simple. One simply has to look at their lifestyle and risk factors. 

For example, previous injuries and repetitive movements, such as the golf swing, are common contributors that can lead to medial epicondylitis.

Furthermore, limitations in shoulder mobility and wrist flexor flexibility can lead to increased stress into the elbow, as well. 

How is your shoulder mobility? Shoulders can have a downstream influence on the elbow. Having a Portland or  Seattle chiropractor take a look at your whole body’s range of motion can be very useful.

Golfer’s Elbow Exercises

At Tangelo, we don’t just focus on the obvious symptoms of golfer’s elbow (or anything that ails you).

We look for movement breakdowns up and down the chain to see what caused the initial problem. 

We’ll take you through an extensive movement assessment to look at your body mechanics and to make sure that once you get out of pain, you stay out of pain. 

From your assessment, we’ll develop an active functional rehab program so you are able to get back out there and do what you love. 

Wanna play 36 holes or tennis with your significant other this weekend? We can help you live your best life. 

How to Treat Golfer’s Elbow

If you are currently experiencing medial epicondylitis, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with your Tangelo team

The longer you put it off, the more time you are giving your body the opportunity to compensate around the injury. 

This in turn can lead to additional problems down the road. However, if you perform a lot of the repetitive movements mentioned above and just want to be proactive, then good for you! 

Below you will find some helpful drills to promote healthy shoulder and wrist mobility, while keeping the forearm muscles strong. Enjoy! 

Side Lying Thoracic Rotation 

Bench Dowel Extensions 

Wrist Prep Routine

Wrist Flexor Rolling