10 Natural Ways to Help End Knee Pain

April 11, 2023

knee painMost of us want to live a happy, healthy, active lifestyle, but when knee pain gets in the way of our routine, all three of those things can suffer. Properly setting up your knee for successful healing and strengthening can get you back on track, moving and living with intention. 

In this post, we’re going over our top 10 ways to help end knee pain naturally and safely.

Let’s get straight to it…



Heat and ice often complement each other when it comes to healing knee pain. Heat can soothe and loosen the muscles and joints, which provides a calming effect that reduces pain.

However, if you notice the knee is swollen, ice will help reduce inflammation and stiffness. 

When swelling is a factor, use ice for at least 24 hours; then, you can implement heat for about 15 minutes at a time and ice for about 15 minutes at a time. 



Stretching is important to your movement patterns, flexibility, and mobility, so even while injured, you should ensure you’re taking care of your soft tissues and joints by utilizing gentle stretches.

Stretches promote healthy circulation and stabilize and repair imbalanced tissues, contributing to overall knee health.



Listen to your body if it’s telling you it needs a break. While most natural healing relies on movement, in some cases, you may need to lessen your workout routine and take other actions that reduce pressure on the affected area. 

Rest is a vital part of the healing process, so pushing through pain can aggravate the issue and make it worse. 



Exercises that help strengthen the soft tissues around the knee may help you heal faster. 

While you should always speak to a chiropractor before implementing a physical regimen during injury, utilizing safe, low-impact strengthening movements is often a great way to re-establish knee function. 



Correct posture will remove stress in areas ill-equipped to support it. When we stand incorrectly, the knees can pay a significant price, so learn how to sit and stand using your body properly, taking undue pressure off the knees. 

While sitting at a desk, use an ergonomic chair that has lumbar support for your low back, keep the top of your monitor just below eye level, your feet flat on the floor, and your head and neck aligned over your torso.

While standing, keep your shoulders pulled back and your head in line with the body, hold your core in, don’t lock your knees, and stand on both feet equally. 

Good posture will also help with many other imbalances in the body, so sit and walk tall. 



Massage is an excellent resource for comfort and relaxation, even if you do it to yourself. Deep tissue stimulation will activate oxygen and nutrient flow to the knee. We recommend sitting as you do this and focusing on the thigh above the injured knee and around the knee itself. 

In most cases, massage won’t cure the injury, but it often offers reduced mental stress and heightened comfort. 



From work attire to workout attire, shoes are vital to your body’s function and health. Be sure you’re getting the support you need from your shoes. If you must wear high heels, consider heel height and sole integrity. 

While exercising, proper footwear cannot be understated. The wrong shoes can lead to injury, so choose your footwear wisely. 



Wraps and knee compression braces can help keep the knee protected by supporting the ligaments, tendons, and joints so the knee can move properly with more control.



Elevating the knee will help reduce blood flow to the area, which can reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Elevation can go hand-in-hand with icing, so consider combining the two for a more powerful result. 



chiropractic for knee painDetermining what’s causing your knee pain is essential to the correct treatments. Many of the solutions we’ve listed will help manage your pain, but they may not provide the level of care necessary to heal the injury. 

Working with a chiropractor will ensure you get the chiropractic treatment strategy best for you and your needs using natural, non-invasive methods with little to no downtime. 



You want to find comfort; we want to help. At Tangelo, we offer a comprehensive assessment, individualized therapies, and guidance that help you reach your health goals and stay strong and healthy. 


Some of the chiropractic services we offer that can alleviate knee pain include:

Chiropractic adjustments  

Kinesiology taping  

• Soft tissue therapies

• Exercises and stretches

Functional rehabilitation  

• And others


We know you don’t want your knee pain to worsen or spread, and your goal is to get back into your active routine as soon as you can. Working with us makes that all possible. 

Our team is prepared to end your knee pain and get you moving freely and with confidence. Let’s get you better and stronger starting now; book today