How Chiropractic Care Can Help Runners Thrive

June 27, 2023

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Runners ThriveRunners put their bodies through a lot of stress. Consistent training, endurance, and performance requirements, poor weather conditions, and pushing through injuries and discomforts come with the territory. But nothing will derail a runner’s efforts more than excluding preventative and proactive care. 

From warming up to strengthening exercises to getting quality sleep, there are numerous things runners can do to encourage a safe body that performs at its peak. 

Chiropractic care is a powerful resource for runners who want to exceed their expectations, heal and strengthen their bodies, and learn how to keep themselves protected through all the rigors they encounter. 


Ways for Runners to Keep Their Bodies Safe 

Whether you run a mile a day, start on the high school track team, or tackle monthly marathons, your body needs consistent support so it can perform for you. 

Professional runners, athletic scholars, and weekend warriors all rely on hours of training and preparation before events so they can get in great shape and build up endurance. 

No matter what level of running you partake in, proactive care is the best way to help prevent injuries. 


Ways to help avoid running injuries include:

• Proper warm-ups and cool-downs

• Regular stretching

• Strength training with weights and core exercises

• Cross-training (swimming, cycling, tennis)

• Wearing the right shoes in good condition

• Listen to your body

• Hydrate often 

• Get quality sleep so the body can recover 


You don’t want an injury to get in the way of the hard work you’ve put in. So, do what you can to stay protected. Your training program should not just consist of trying to beat your best time or improve your endurance; actively doing your part to prevent pain should also be part of it- and it’s just as important as the rest. 


Running Injuries and Their Symptoms

It’s well known that physical activity is essential to your health and how your body moves and functions. Running is one of the most common sports and exercises; as there’s no equipment necessary, it can be done pretty much anywhere, and it provides cardiovascular support and other health benefits to both body and mind. 

However, as with anything we do regularly, sports injuries can occur when we strain and overuse specific tissues and joints. 


Common running-related injuries, conditions, and symptoms include: 

• Runner’s knee

• Plantar fasciitis

• Shin splints

• Ankle sprain

• Achilles injury

• Arthritis

Knee pain and loss of range of motion

• Weakness

• And more


Working with a sports chiropractor to remedy these injuries will ensure you get the right treatment plan based on your needs and imbalances. But you’ll also get guidance and education on preventive care that helps keep you protected before, during, and after running events. 

While preventative chiropractic treatment can’t guarantee you won’t experience any pain or injuries, a well-functioning and strong body can better react to dysfunction, so you can get back to running faster and with confidence.   


chiropractic for knee painBenefits of Chiropractic Care for Runners

Your local chiropractor can provide several benefits that help runners accomplish their goals. From physical performance to mental concentration to confidence, when you work with a sports chiropractor, you get a comprehensive approach to treatment. 


Common benefits of chiropractic care for runners include:

• Increased comfort

• Warm-up and cool-down guidance

• Exercise and training guidance 

• Improved strength 

• Improved flexibility and movement patterns

• Enhanced range of motion

• Little to no downtime

• Improved balance, symmetry, and alignment

• Enhanced focus

• Improved sleep quality

• Reduced mental stress and anxiety

• Relaxation 

• Increased performance 


An experienced sports chiropractor understands that your physical and mental state are connected and that when one is off balance, the other is likely to falter as well. To ensure you get the optimal support for your needs, goals, and abilities, you must design a strategy that pushes you but also protects you so you can stay focused.  


Visit Tangelo for Improved Performance and Endurance

In most cases, athletes don’t want to put their bodies through invasive treatments to correct injuries, and they don’t want to endure days, weeks, or months of rest during the recovery process if they don’t have to. 

Listen to your body when it tells you it’s hurt. Running injuries can snowball into chronic pain if not attended to properly, keeping you from the sport you love. 

Let our team create a healing and strengthening plan based around you. Whether you hope to run around the block or the globe, we’re prepared to help you make it. 


We offer various chiropractic solutions to heal and empower the body, including:

Chiropractic adjustments

The Graston Technique 

Active Release Technique (ART) 

Kinesio taping   


Functional rehab  

• And more 


Don’t let your pain keep you from running or make you miss out on your events. Contact either of our Seattle or Portland chiropractic clinics today, and get reliable support and guidance that will help you reach the finish line- whatever that looks like to you.