What is Plantar Fasciitis & Can a Chiropractor Help?

August 23, 2022

What is Plantar Fasciitis & Can a Chiropractor Help?Everyday movements often center around walking and standing; you may need to do these things for your job, your exercise routine, or simply to get around and complete your usual daily tasks. When comfort is compromised, even the most passive movements can become painful, and when that pain stems from the feet, it may be a sign of a bigger problem.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when there’s an injury to the plantar fascia, the ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot. This ligament provides support to the arch of your foot and makes walking an easy, comfortable experience. Because of its excessive use, you may find yourself feeling pain in the heel when the ligament becomes inflamed or otherwise impaired. 


In this post, we’re going over:

• Why you get plantar fasciitis

• Symptoms of plantar fasciitis

• How chiropractic care can help plantar fasciitis

• And more


How Did I Get Plantar Fasciitis?

Most of us depend on our feet daily for movement and stabilization; in these processes, we may overstretch and overuse the plantar fascia ligament, leading to the soft tissue tearing. The tearing can contribute to discomfort. 


Other reasons you may suffer from plantar fasciitis include:

• Foot structure

• High activity level

• Working on your feet for several hours a day

• Weight gain (overweight)

• Irregular or inaccurate movement patterns while walking or running

• Poor shoe choices- shoes with poor arch support 


You may be more prone to experience plantar fasciitis if you’re:

• Between 40-60 years old

• A woman

• Pregnant 

• A long-distance runner


While plantar fasciitis can be very uncomfortable and make movement difficult, finding safe, effective care is as close as your local chiropractor. Using natural solutions that allow the foot to heal, combined with insight on movement techniques and orthopedics, you’ll be back out there, comfortably doing the things you love in no time.  


Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Most of those with plantar fasciitis complain of pain or discomfort in the heel of the foot; however, in some cases, the pain is in the middle of the bottom of the foot or in both areas. The pain usually starts mildly but generally increases over time if no solution is provided.


Some symptoms include:

• Dull, throbbing pain while the foot is at rest

• Sharp, stabbing pain

• Discomfort while walking, running, or performing physical activities

• Discomfort while working on feet

• Discomfort while wearing shoes

• Burning or aching in the heel or bottom of the foot

• Radiating pain starting from the heel and moving toward the toes

• Pain first thing in the morning or after the body is at rest for an extended period

• Difficulty climbing stairs

• Heel stiffness

• Motion and flexibility loss in the foot

• Heightened pain after exercise or work activity 


When you feel pain, your body is telling you that it’s in distress. Finding support that determines the cause of your discomfort quickly and accurately will lead to less stress on the body and ensure your health is safely nurtured. 

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Plantar Fasciitis 

Chiropractic services are a non-invasive, organic way to care for the body. It reduces pain at the source of the injury, never masking it or contributing to further trauma. At Tangelo, we treat our patients suffering from plantar fasciitis with reliable solutions so they can enjoy their active lifestyle pain-free.


Some of the common solutions we offer include:

The Graston Technique breaking down scar tissue using a specially designed instrument  

Functional rehabilitation therapy take-home exercises and stretches that provide strength and flexibility

•  Chiropractic care helps restore balance and correct movement patterns 

•  Taping– allows blood and oxygen circulation to advance to the injured area and contributes to impactful rest of the soft tissues

•  And more


We always encourage our patients to adhere to a healthy lifestyle; this includes consistent exercising and finding safe yet effective alternatives to pain medication and surgery. Our chiropractors will go over various solutions you can complete at home or even in your office to ensure your body recovers quickly.


Some at-home solutions that will contribute to a healthy body and complement your chiropractic care include:

• Icing the foot to alleviate swelling

• Finding shoes that support the foot better

• Stretching the foot before and after physical activity

• Adding arch support to your shoes

• Eating a balanced and nutritious diet 

• Adhering to an exercise plan to help you lose weight


We know your foot pain is causing you to miss out on the activities you love. Let’s put an end to that today by utilizing proven chiropractic techniques. 


The Takeaway

You don’t want to live in pain, and we want to help you in that endeavor. If your plantar fasciitis isn’t going away, natural solutions found in our Portland and Seattle chiropractic clinics are waiting for you. We work with patients just like you who know the importance of a healthy body. 

Contact our team, and let’s get in front of your pain starting now.