Visiting a Chiropractor After Your Portland Auto Injury

November 23, 2021

Unfortunately, most of us will experience a vehicle collision at some point in our lives, and while we can’t predict how severe that collision will be, we can give you some resources to help your body recover, and your mind find peace after the event. 

Car accidents typically involve several stressors, even those considered a minor accident. From physical pain to financial burdens to emotional trauma, car accidents have a way of wreaking havoc. Our Portland chiropractors work with various patients who have suffered the anguish of an accident, and we know how to help. 

At Tangelo, our chiropractors understand that finding balance, both mentally and physically, is the best way to nurture a safe, effective healing process from the inside out. We value the body’s natural healing powers and provide solutions that end pain while strengthening and mending at the source. 


Auto Injury in Portland

Immediately Following Your Car Accident

After any kind of car accident, we highly recommend contacting the police, even if the crash is minimal. An accurate police report will save time, energy, and possibly money in the future. 

You should also seek medical attention to ensure your body isn’t at risk. Whenever we go through an abrupt, aggressive experience, adrenaline kicks in and can mask pain or discomfort. A medic will help determine injuries that you may not realize you have.   

It’s important to note that in many cases, pain doesn’t appear for hours, sometimes days after the collision, so knowing what’s going on with your body quickly can stave off further discomfort and the spreading of the injury to other areas of the body. 

Chiropractic care can help alleviate distress as it naturally heals the body, helping to find its proper function efficiently. We know how to maximize your time so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy doing. The goal is to mend the physical ailments in the least invasive way possible, without turning to medication that tends only to hide the pain for short periods of time; and avoiding risky surgery. 

Chiropractic solutions offer a safe, responsible way for the body to heal itself after an auto collision. With chiropractic support and guidance, you embolden the body, allowing it to provide the necessary healing powers from within. Our care is dedicated to little or no downtime, and we encourage strengthening and empowerment. 

Your car accident doesn’t have to leave you feeling off-balance; you can find restoration and recovery with rehabilitative therapies that go far beyond physical improvement but help support all aspects of your wellbeing. 

After an auto accident, look for a reliable, trusted chiropractic clinic in Portland that utilizes its array of effective services, such as manual chiropractic therapies, functional rehabilitation therapy, and exercises and stretches that promote a strong body and mind. 


headache pain relief

Chiropractic Care to Treat Your Portland Car Accident Injury

It’s easy to get consumed by the aftermath of your car accident, which can compromise your work, lifestyle, physical activity, social life, and finances. When in pain, many other areas of life suffer. Getting quality help to heal your injury will significantly affect the rest of the issues your accident has caused. 

Chiropractic services are designed to organically, non-invasively restore the body’s functionality. We understand how the joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons need to work together, and our solutions aid in making sure they do. Using proven methods, we’ll get you on the mend, ridding you of aches and pains, and giving you proactive support that will help minimize future problems. 


Chiropractic Solutions for Your Pain 

The services provided at our Portland chiropractic clinic will find the cause of your discomfort and remedy your pain there. We offer soft tissue manipulation and adjustments that curb pain as they find balance. 

Each patient is unique with challenges and specific comfort levels, and we design plans around the needs, goals, and abilities of each patient.


The Tangelo solutions used after an auto collision will help with several conditions, including:  

• Neck pain

• Whiplash

• Back pain

• Headaches

• Sprains and strains 

• Soft tissue injury

• Spinal discomfort 

• Lumbar pain

• And more


Some of our common solutions for your auto injury include: 

Chiropractic adjustments

Functional rehabilitation therapy

• RockTape


• And more  


Visit Tangelo in Portland After Your Car Accident

Our Team wants you to live the life you’re used to, and we can help you get there faster, safer, and easier than traditional western medicine. Finding overall balance is key to a fully functioning body. With our help, you’ll find that balance and receive strengthening and nurturing exercises that keep your body healthy and aligned. 

Don’t let your car accident take hold of your life for one more second. Find chiropractic care that benefits the body, mind, and soul today. Book an appointment with one of our Portland car accident injury chiropractors today.